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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №3 (78) March 1, 2003

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Suspended fishery head orders himself back into office
Research quotas delay hit pollack spawning forecast and TAC assessment
Russia’s government to discuss draft law on resource fees
Fishery head proposing privatisation of capture quotas
Russia and Nicaragua resumed talks on fishery agreement
Voyage paves way for return of Russian fleets to the South East Pacific
Russian boats switch from Lerwick to Torshavn
Marine culture near Vladivostok could yield 700,000 tonnes of seafood
Sakhalin customs boost fleet to fight smuggling
Skipper acquitted in a poaching case
Suit against ministry for uncovered quotas
Kamchatka demands compensation for unused auctioned quotas
Kamchatka firm to sue authorities for quota damage
Change at the helm of leading Kamchatka combine
Vladivostok combine in trouble over harvesting quotas pending approval
Murmanrybprom in actual liquidation
RFE accelerates production with pollack roe output hitting 10,000 tonnes
RFE making up for the pollack catch lag
Herring and Atka mackerel yield similar catch
Assorted bottomfish for human consumption doing big drop
RFE shrimp and crab harvest better than last year
RFE squid catch displaying considerable lag
Good supply outlook from A season in the Sea of Okhotsk
Red tape leads to lag of cod/haddock catch on last year
Smaller capelin catch dominated by larger roe fish
Reduced catch of spring-spawning herring centres on 300+ size
Trawlers switch to larger blue whiting off Rockall to boost catch on last year
Northwest and South Atlantic fishery remains limited
North Basin outlook for March fishery
Owners happy with maiden fishing trip of Russian-built trawler
New customs code revives hopes of tax exemption for chartered boats
Stocks, quotas, supplies, prices, new products, etc.
Clearing ice leads to improved frozen fish supply in St. Petersburg and Moscow
Vladivostok free quotas back to original advice
Catch and edible products down in volume
Moscow reports final figures for salmon season 2002
Russians to process more Alaska salmon
Decline of canned fish production in the Russian Far East occurs versus fast growth in other regions
Capelin TAC unlikely to rise
Scientist considering ban on king crab fishery
Uncertain outlook for Cod TAC
Appendix 1. Results of the quota auction held on 15 March 2003
Appendix 2. Results of the quota auction held on 12 February 2003.
Appendix 3. Fairs and Exhibitions
Appendix 4: Russian canned fish production in 2002
Appendix 5: March overview of wholesale prices

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