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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №11 (74) November 1, 2002

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Duma to read draft law on fishery
Rival departments agree on fixed resource fees
Industry’s think-tank working on fish trade law
Russia to be compensated for loss of stocks in the Bering Sea?
Vladivostok expertise to develop Murmansk crab and sea urchin exports
Firms told to sign contracts for fishing in foreign EEZs
Nakhodka-based trawlers go fishing off Mauritania
Concept seeks reduction of foreign fishery in the Russian EEZ
Minfin issues bankruptcy warning to Rybcompflot
Russian vessels going through renewals of approval for export to EC
Joint venture freezing first batch of herring
Processor bringing court action against the Navy
Murmansk firm goes for Ukraine’s capelin market
Murmansk keen to resume sea hunting in the White Sea
Norway and Russia discuss single vet regulations for salmon farms
Bank hires former vice-governor to boost fishery-related business
Germans supply equipment for RFE salmon hatcheries
Small boat fleet on the rise in Kamchatka
Astrakhan adding value to offset drop in catch
Kaliningrad receives extra quotas for fishery in the Barents Sea
New leaders of reefer operator to buy high tech pelagic vessels and tankers
Lithuanians invest $30 million in crabstick factory
Young fish combine approved for export to the EU
Leading Kamchatka firm builds more factories
Fishmeal Plant awarded Grand Prix for quality
Northern provinces cover 87% of the forecasted harvest
Murmansk starts second capelin season
Bigger boats allowed to harvest inshore cod quotas
Fishery in the RFE hit by stormy weather
Naval yard lays fifth trawler in the series of seven
Murmansk supplier wins wheelhouse electronics tender
Another naval yard builds for fishery industry
Kamchatka combine scraps motherships to pay for factory trawlers
Stocks, quotas, supplies, prices, new products, etc.
Russia and Norway have agreed next year quotas
Salmon up, herring down on frozen fish market in Moscow and St. Petersburg
Bigger salmon harvest increasingly sold in Russia
Sakhalin to face smaller TAC
Canned exports up, imports down in the first half
Norway exports 22% more to Russia
Appendix 1. Quotas agreed between Russia and Norway at the 31st Meeting of Mixed Russian-Norwegian Fisheries Commission
Appendix 2. Fairs and exhibitions
Appendix 3: November overview of wholesale prices

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