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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №8 (71) August 1, 2002

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Parliament setting up commission to look into Shevardnadze Line deal
Ministry of nature and fisheries committee clash over powers to regulate stocks
Electronic clearance for fishing vessels
Clearance of domestic landings simplified
Chartered boats made exempt of duties
No quotas for high capacity seiner/trawler
Russians tapping squid off Argentina
Partners invest $500,000 into electronic auction
Joint venture fattening cod and crabs
Rising consortium to buy the bust fleet of 15
Quota auctions attract more bidders
Kamchatka governor supports resource fee practice
Claimants behind with ownership papers for Spanish-built supertrawlers
Moscow appoints one more authorised supplier
Cod factory seeking partners to export to the EU
Evroprom comes forward with imitation sturgeon caviar
OceanProduct investing 6 million dollars into HACCP-managed factory
Capitan commissions first phase of onshore processing complex
Integral introduces “Fat Boatswain” brand
“Revanche-95” adds chilled and fresh frozen to its range
Factory produces 40 thousand cans per day
Golden medal for high quality fish from Yakutia
Uteg keen to develop export markets for Rapa whelk meats
Vertically integrated combine links fishery, processing and distribution
Forvat boosting trout production
Distributor to diversify into value-added processing
Ukrainian firm leading in canned krill production
Salmon cannery enters new season in modernised condition
Kamchatka firm exports salmon caviar to Japan
Pollack catch in the Bering Sea ahead of last year
Kamchatka overflows with running salmon
Salmon bonanza for Kamchatka fleets to be followed by crab and herring season
Saury season took off with mounting efforts
Yard getting international quality certificate
First signs of recovery on the frozen fish market of Moscow and St. Petersburg
Europe’s largest crab stick facility to tap Russian and export market
Europe willingly buying freshwater fish from Russia
Appendix 1. Fairs and exhibitions
Appendix 2: August overview of wholesale prices

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