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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №4 (67) April 1, 2002

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State-owned concern to launch nation-wide electronic auction
NOK1 million to train Russian technicians for 25,000t salmon farms project
Moscow to optimise fishery in the Russian EEZ
Norway willing to invest into the Russian fishery industry
Tighter control of order to land own zone catch in Russia
Murmansk smoking plant changing hands
State-owned combine converts to public limited company
Russian trawlers start sailing to distant grounds
Government’s indecision keeps controversial supertrawlers idle
Ex-operator of controversial supertrawlers goes into administration
Murmansk private companies boost catch and production
Murmansk port handling more fish
Joint salmon farm to build huge hatchery
Sevrybkholodflot may change Board of Directors
Inrybprom-2002 half sold out
Moscow launching own seafood show Fish Resources – 2002
Dalmoreproduct streamlines to avoid bankruptcy
New factory to process 70,000 tonnes of seafood
Vladivostok looks into underused stocks
Japan: new rules for Russian vessels divert crabbers to Korea
Season closed with pollack fully used for roe production
Kamchatka fleets leaving Okhotsk pollack grounds
With closure of capelin season fleets switch to blue whiting
Firms apply for permits to harvest lumpfish
Arkhangelsk continues with massive refurbishment of fleet
Northwest Russia needs 313 deepsea vessels
Price hike slows down herring with mackerel accelerated by shortages
April auctions to offer Bering Sea pollack and other valuable quotas
Murmansk crab catch processed for export to Japan
Auctioned quotas make 40% margins in cod fishery just a dream
Cod producers still find export markets more attractive
Russia remains Norways second most important market
Russia and Lithuania agree quota swap
Saint Petersburg relies on imported fish
Appendix 1: Results of quota auction held on 28 March 2002
Appendix 2: Quotas put up for auction on 25 April 2002
Appendix 3: Quotas put up for auction on 26 April 2002
Appendix 4. Fairs and exhibitions
Appendix 5: Newbuildings proposed by Giprorybflot for Russian Northwest
Appendix 6: April overview of wholesale prices
Appendix 7: Cod export versus domestic sales, per tonne caught by a fresher

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