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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №3 (66) March 1, 2002

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Controversial supertrawlers may be sent to distant grounds
10,000 tonnes of research cod for onshore processors
Mandatory numbers for vessels and onshore establishments
Norwegians exercise increasing control over Russian fish stocks
Restocking program for Murmansk
Governor complains of arbitrary distribution of fishing rights
Iceland tells Russians to make collective bargains
No quotas for major Kaliningrad combine
Russian government to improve quota auction system
Government discovers value of industry for the nation
Fishery industry improves profitability
Belarus flag trawlers to operate from Russian fish ports
Dalmoreproduct fights arrest of its best floating processor
Scientists ready with process of crab farming
Karelias fishery industry on the rise
Karelias major fishing combine in trouble
Troubled combine to sell remaining boats
Arkhangelsk trawler fleet scraps ageing vessels
Primorrybprom sells onshore plants
Quota auctions steer major combine to greater efficiency
Committee selects firms to conduct research fishery
Court failure on back wages triggers complaint to President
Vladivostok to launch fish processing complex
The fleets cover 60% of pollack quota in the Sea of Okhotsk
Kamchatka about to exhaust pollack quotas
Capelin fishery 97,000t ahead of last year
Cod fishery remains behind last year
Murmansk Coop orders first trawler of a series of twenty
Murmansk firm builds new trawler
Naval Architects offer tuna boat package
Vladivostok reports decrease in catch and production
Government auctions 105,640 tonnes of assorted quotas
Companies bid for crab, whelks and squid at another March auction
In excess of 30,000 t of valuable quotas up for auction on 28 March
Japanese to buy more roe capelin from Murmansk
Moscow approves provinces quotas beyond Russian EEZ
Kalelia to host seafood festival
Drop of sprat prices in Russia hitting Latvian cannery
Russia considers higher tariffs for seafood from Lithuania
Sakhalin produces more from raw catch
25,000t of deepwater crabs for Sakhalin
Russians unhappy with margins off Mauritania
Appendix No. 1: Quotas put up for auction in March 2002
Appendix No. 2: Research Capture Quotas 2002
Table No.1: Catch quotas 2002 for research fishery in the North Fisheries Basin, 000 metric tonnes
Table No.2: Catch quotas 2002 for research fishery in the Baltic Sea, 000 metric tonnes
Table No.3: Catch quotas 2002 for research fishery in the Russian Far East Basin, 000 metric tonnes
Table No.4: Catch quotas 2002 for research fishery in the Russian South Fisheries Basin, 000 metric tonnes
Table No.5: Sturgeon quotas 2002 for research fishery in the Russian South Fisheries Basin, 000 metric tonnes
Appendix 3: March overview of wholesale prices
Appendix 4. Fairs and exhibitions

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