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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №11 (170) November 22, 2010

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New glazing requirements to boost fillet production
Russian fishermen recognized importance of MSC certification
Russian fishermen bringing MSC certification into focus
Teheran hosted Russia-Iranian Intergovernmental Commission on Fisheries

Russian vets prolong Ukrainian approval for fish export
Russian vets strengthening control of fish products from China, Bangladesh, Norway, USA, Vietnam, Canada, New Zealand and Chile
Russian vets introducing temporary restrictions for importation of fish, fish products and non-finfish products from Estonian, Indonesian, American and Faroese plants
Russian vets changing list of foreign plants/vessels from Spain, Norway, Estonia, Chile, Kazakhstan, Faroe Islands, Ecuador, Poland and Japan approved for export to Russian Federation
Russian vets release list of plants from Uzbekistan approved for export to Russian Federation
Russian vets strengthening control of fish products from Canada

Overview of Moscow’s freshfrozen fish market as per 16-November 2010
Overview of key markets for fish products from Russian and American Pacific fisheries as per mid-November 2010
Overview of seafood exports from Russia’s Far East in September 2010
Retail chains getting rid of strongly-glazed fish
Russia stepping up as China’s leading seafood supplier in January-August 2010
Norwegian export to Russia in October 2010
Malaysia may resume seafood exports to Russia

TACs 2011 for Russian Far East Basin approved by nation’s Federal Fisheries Agency
Outlook for fisheries in Russia’s Far East in November 2010
Sakhalin pink salmon fisheries seeking for MSC assessment

Overview of Russia’s fisheries in Northwest Atlantic and Central Eastern Atlantic on 8-15 November 2010
Results of consultations on Norwegian herring TAC 2011
Russian fishermen exhausting most of their capture quotas off Morocco
Russian fishermen getting ready for spring capelin fishery 2011

Russia’s fishery industry head highlighting goals for nation’s aquaculture development
FAO worked out global standards for aquaculture
Vladivostok scientists stocking sea scallops in oil port

Global seafood companies’ kaleidoscope
Large Russian importer Talex Holding Group of Companies announcing big development plans
Leading pollock harvester NBAMR increasing supplies to domestic market
Russia’s leading processor ROK-1 Group announcing financial results in 3d quarter 2010
Russia’s pollock harvester Preobrazhenskaya Base of Trawl Fleet announcing financial results in first 9 months of 2010
MSC certification of Ocean Trawlers and its Russian suppliers
Russia’s major value-added processor Meridian Group reports sales growth
Large pollock harvester Okeanrybflot Company has been reorganized
Active cooperation of Russian processors boosting product range
Russian Sea Group announces revenue for the third quarter and first nine months of 2010
Bank Saint Petersburg purchasing bonds of Russian Sea Company
Vietnamese processor BASEAFOOD reporting success in Ukraine and Russia

APPENDIX 1: Onboard production of seafood by Russian fishing companies in October 2008-2010
APPENDIX 2: Monthly catches of Russian fishing companies in October 2008-2010
APPENDIX 3: Catches of Russian fishing companies in nation’s EEZ in January-October 2009-2010
APPENDIX 4: Weekly seafood prices in Moscow’s big multiples as per mid-October 2010
APPENDIX 5: Russian seafood exhibitions in autumn 2010

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