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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №4 (163) April 20, 2010

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Russian seafood industry dispalying multiannual positive dynamics
Seafood delivery costs to become lower in Russia
Subsidies for shipbuilding loans decelerated by lack of legislation on capture quotas turnover
Russian Government approving rules for subsiding lease payments for onboard equipment
Russian trawlers resumed fisheries in Senegal waters
Russia and Ecuador launching new direct route for seafood shipments
Dynamics of investments to Russia’s fishery industry in 2009

Russian vets strengthening control of Chinese products
Russian vets introducing temporary restrictions for seafood import from Latvian processor
More fish processing plants approved for seafood export to Russia
Russian vets informing about new numeration for approved Icelandic fish processors
Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan create single veterinary body

Overview of Moscow's freshfrozen fish market as per second week of April 2010
Russian fish market pays more for industrial cod roe
Russia staying biggest export market for Norwegian seafood
Auction sales of Russian pollock roe in Busan in early-mid April 2010 showing downward trends
Some results of fourth round of Russian pollock roe auctions in Busan
Some results of third round of Russian pollock roe auctions in Busan
Russian pollock exporters to submit health certificates
Results of second week of Russian pollock roe auctions in Pusan reveals change of trend
Results of second round of Russian pollock roe auctions in Busan
Drama unfolding at pollock roe auctions in Seattle and Pusan
Brief overview of key markets for Pacific seafood as per mid-April 2010
Overview of key markets for fish products from Russian and American Pacific fisheries as per 3rd week of March 2010
Russian fishermen keep exporting bulk of pollock catches to China
Seafood export from Vladivostok region showing a big boost
Mandatory import clearance of Russian seafood meant for export may be cancelled
Chilled fish supply in Murmansk retail chain meeting new vet barriers
Kaliningrad canneries failing to compete with Ukrainian processors
American import of Russian whitefish growing

Overview of seafood exports from the Russian Far East in February 2010
Results of Okhotsk pollock fishery as per 31 March 2010
Russian fishermen boosting crab catches
Russia’s Federal Fisheries Agency reporting low take-up of flatfish TACs 2010

Results of Russian fishery in North Atlantic and Central-Eastern Atlantic as per 2nd week of April 2010
Catch results for Murmansk Fisheries Basin as per 30 March 2010
Progressing of Russian fisheries in the North Atlantic on 18-24 March 2010

Russia signing new strategic design contract with Norwegian architects

Russian Sea Group announces price range and launch of roadshow
Russian Sea Group announces intention to launch an initial public offering
Sakhalin-based processors update facilities
Norway agreed with requirements of Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet
Moscow seafood processor launching new facility in the capital

APPENDIX 1: Onboard production of seafood by Russian fishing companies in January-March 2009-2010
APPENDIX 2: Monthly catches of Russian fishing companies in January-March 2010
APPENDIX 3: Catches of Russian fishing companies in nation’s EEZ in January-March 2009-2010
APPENDIX 4: Weekly seafood prices in Moscow's big multiples as per mid-April 2010
APPENDIX 5: Research quotas 2010 in the Russian Northwest and South Basins
APPENDIX 6: Research quotas 2010 in the Russian Far East Basin

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