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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №6 (129) June 20, 2007

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Russian Pollock harvesters angry with “efforts to discredit their MSC application”
Russian Ministry of Agriculture banned live king crab export
Government appoints new head of Russian Fisheries Agency
Sakhalin Railways looking into ways to boost seafood shipments
Latvian-Russian working group established to define benzopyrene limits in canned sprats

Russian vets tell more countries to export only from Russiaapproved plants
Russian and Chinese vets to conduct mutual inspections
Rosselkhoznadzor acts on cases of seafood contamination
Directive No.FS-EN-2/4693 dated 22 May 2007 of Rosselkhoznadzor
Rosselkhoznadzor introduced temporary restrictions for surimi import from India
Rosselkhoznadzor vets intercept contaminated shipments from Lithuania and Chile
Russia and Chile seeking solutions for seafood safety issues

Overview of freshfrozen fish market of Saint Petersburg and some other regions in mid-June 2007
Russian seafood import trends in January-March 2007
Brief overview of the Russian hake market and forecast for 2007
Norwegian Seafood Export Council calls Atlantic salmon Russia’s superstar
Distribution centre for Sakhalin fish to be opened in Moscow
Statistics on seafood export from Vladivostok in January-April 2007
Russian shrimp producers switching focus to domestic market
Value-added shrimp products and pangasius developments
Ukraine: provisional figures of national catches of finfish and other aquatic species to 1 May 2007
Prices for shrimp from Denmark expected to rise in Russia
Demand for fishmeal rising on the Russian market
Belarus set higher import quota for shellfish
Wholesale frozen fish prices in Murmansk as per 15 May 2007

Outlook for fisheries in the Russian Far East in June 2007
Overview of fisheries in the Russian Far East in May 2007
Bleak forecast for red king crab season 2007 in the RFE
Chum quotas distributed in Sakhalin

Fishery outlook in the North Basin in June 2007
Results of Russian fisheries in the North Atlantic in May 2007
Selective grids in blue whiting fishery to tell on Russian catch rates

Saint Petersburg manufacturer developed new packing equipment for marinated fish
Financial results of Kamchatka’s major fishing company in 2006
Control stock of large cannery purchased by foreign companies
Federal Property Agency revising deadline for privatization of Murmansk Marine Fish Port
Shares of leading Russian combine described as good purchase
Proceeds of frozen foods group grew by 7% in Q1 2007
Leading Russian processor to invest 100 million USD into production boost
Moscow market witnessing launch of ready-to-eat frozen sushi
Major Russian processor expanding line of canned roe products

Israeli technology to enable Rostov group supply farmed fish all year round
One more trout farm near Saint Petersburg

APPENDIX 1: Fairs & Exhibitions

APPENDIX 2: Russia’s seafood import statistics
030350 - herring frozen except for liver and milt
0304 20 750 - fillets of herring frozen
Total herrring frozen except for liver and milt + fillets
030374 - mackerel frozen
030211- trout fresh or chilled
030212 - salmon fresh or chilled
0303 1 - Pacific salmons frozen
0303 2 - Atlantic salmon, including trout, frozen
Total - salmons, chilled and frozen
0303 78 1 - hake frozen
0304 90 47 - hake fillets, frozen
TOTAL - 0303 78 1+ 0304 90 47, hake frozen including fillets
0306 13 100 - Shrimps of Pandalidae family
0306 13 400 - Deepwater pink shrimps
0306 13 500 - Shrimps of Penaeus family
0306 13 800 - other shrimps
0306 13 - Shrimps total
1605 20 - prepared packed shrimps
030721 - Sea scallops live, fresh or chilled
0307291 - Great scallops Pecten maximus, frozen
0307299 - Other
030721 + 030729 - Sea scallops total
0304 20 850 0 - frozen fillets of Alaska pollock
0304 10 310 0 - chilled fillets of cod and polar cod
0304 20 210 0 - frozen fillets of cod Gadus macroceрhalus
0304 20 290 0 - frozen fillets of cod, other
0304 20 310 0 - frozen fillets of saithe (Рollachius virens)
0304 20 330 0 - frozen fillets of haddock
030420350 + 030420370 - frozen fillets of ocean perch
0304 90 050 0 - surimi
Total import of finfish and other aquatic species 03, 1604, 1605

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