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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №11 (122) November 17, 2006

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Russian processors coming forward with policy to defeat Chinese competition
Russian Far East’s pollock association to make marketing strategy for 2007
Belarus increasing seafood imports

Herring and blue whiting making main news on Saint Petersburg freshfrozen fish market
Chinese behind bleak supply outlook for Russian pollock processors
Outlook for imports of APO fillets and hake products on the Russian market
Mixed trends on Russian market of mackerel and herring
Russian vet authorities strengthening control of illegal imports of Norwegian salmon and trout
Denmark buys more Russian whitefish fillets
Russia increasing sales of APO fillets to Germany and France
Producers of Russian sushi quality shrimp associate to increase selling power
Kaliningrad increasing share of canned fish market

Outlook for APO season in the Sea of Okhotsk in 2007
Fishery outlook in the Russian Far East in November 2006
Overview of supply from Russia’s Far East Fisheries Basin in October 2006
Vladivostok seeking larger share of saury quota

Outlook for bottomfish supply from Murmansk-led North Basin in 2007
Mixed Russian-Norwegian Fisheries Commission setting cod quotas for 2007
Government allocating cod quota reserve
Blue whiting TAC reduction may affect Russian catch
Outlook for red king crab supply from Murmansk-led North Basin in 2007
Russian fishery in the North Atlantic in September 2006
Barents Sea cod fishery in September and outlook for October 2006
Russian red king crab fishery going ahead on big quota remainder in the Barents Sea
Red king crab doing no damage to Barents Sea biofauna
Outlook for capelin, black halibut and redfish operations in 2007
Russia to start directed saithe fishery
September catch and outlook for October in herring and blue whiting fisheries

Sweeping acquisitions of Russian pollock combines by giant Chinese Group
Surging imports slowing down fast growth of major Russian processor
Moscow distributor of canned fish launching high class sprat label
AtlantNIRO process engineers put convenience product line on the market
Saint-Petersburg firms boosting seafood export to EU
Moscow group developing product branding

Prospects for Atlantic salmon culture in Murmansk
APPENDIX 1: Fairs and Exhibitions
Seafood Russia 2007, June 5—7, 2007

APPENDIX 2: Dynamics of shrimp import to Russia the first half of 2005-2006
0306 13 100 - Shrimps of Pandalidae family
0306 13 300 Shrimps of Crangon family
0306 13 400 - Deepwater pink shrimps (Parapenaeus longirostris)
0306 13 500 - Shrimps of Penaeus family
0306 13 800 - other shrimps
0306 13 - Shrimps total
1605 20 - prepared packed shrimps

APPENDIX 3: Take-up of catch quotas in the inshore waters of Russia's North Fisheries Basin as per 1 November 2006

APPENDIX 4: Take-up of cod and haddock inshore quotas as per 1 November 2006

APPENDIX 5: Russian catch in the North Atlantic in January-October 2006

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