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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №6 (117) June 1, 2006

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English language version of Russia’s Law on Fishery
Law on simplified crossing of 12-mile border limit passed in third reading
Smaller dues to make Russian fish ports more attractive
Supreme Arbitration Court ruling on hard currency payments to crewmen
Murmansk crabs quota holders joining fight against poaching
World Food Moscow Show on approach
FISHPROM-EXPO 2006 to cover all aspects of fishery industry
Russian imports from China surging in first quarter 2006
Freshfrozen fish market of St. Petersburg and some other regions in June 2006
Share of major Russian chains in food retail sector growing
Merged chain talking tough with suppliers
Government looking into quota regulation for Russia’s canned sprat imports
Campaign to promote TROMS-branded peeled shrimps on Russian market
Outlook for the Alaska pollock season in the Bering Sea
Fishery outlook for June 2006 in the Russian Far East
Overview of fisheries in the Russian Far East in May 2006
Pacific salmon 2006: overview of stocks, fishery and market prospects
Onshore production in Vladivostok surging
Overview of Russian fisheries in the North Atlantic in May 2006
Best catchers highlighted in Murmansk
Giant’s catch making big leap
Results of Murmansk fishermen’s operations in January-April 2006
Inshore Fleet Association reporting results of operations on the grounds
Huge processing complex to be opened in Iturup
BERING canned label advancing across Russia
Major frozen fish distributor boosting sales of freshfrozen fish
NBAMR publishing financial results of 2005
Frozen foods group strengthening positions on the Ukrainian market
Vladivostok Fish Port distributing profits among shareholders
Murmansk dockers accusing port’s leaders of bankruptcy engineering
Murmansk Fish Port reporting smaller landings
Two ships confiscated for illegal red king crab fishery
Sakhalin trawler arrested in Kamchatka
Laureates and diploma-winners of “Top of Russian Quality”
FGUP Mariisky Khladokombinat
JSC ZAO Nizhegorodryba plus (member of Prodoptima Group)
SOOO Agropredpriyatie Fruit & Food
Sole Trader IP Gorelova E.N. (as controlled by and in cooperation with OOO SP NORLI (ltd))
SPK RK Tikhiy Okean (Pacific Ocean Fishing Co-op in English)
OOO Chatka (ltd)
OAO Yuzhnomorskaya Baza Rybflota (plc)
JSC ZAO Archangelsk Fish Processing Combine
OAO Fish Processing Plant Archangelsk Trawl Fleet (plc)
OOO Aris-Angarsk (ltd)
Fish Factory «Irkutskiy» of IP (Sole Trader) Aksenova L.V.
OOO Ustkamchatryba (ltd)
OOO Hit Company (ltd)
Limited Corporation «Zhupanova» company
OAO Kemerovsky Khladokombinat (plc)
OOO Daylar (ltd)
OAO Protein (plc)
IP (Sole Trader) Kiselev A.V.
JSC ZAO Objedinenie Smolenskryba
OOO SPb-Torg (ltd)
MUP Disko
Shipbuilding, conversions and refurbishment
Special federal program to outline fleet renewal perspectives
Order for marine diesels for transport and fishing vessels
APPENDIX 1: Fairs and Exhibitions
APPENDIX 2: Provisional figures for output and sales of fish products in metric tons and ‘000 nominal cans in 1 January-8 May 2006
Russia’s total fish production output at sea with export and domestic totals in January-8 May 2006
Fish products for human consumption (canned exclusive), metric tons
Canned and marinated finfish and shellfish/mollusks, ‘000 nominal cans
Fodder fish and whale meal, metric tons
Fodder fish products, metric tons
APPENDIX 3: Russian seafood import statistics for the first quarter 2005-2006
030350 - Herring (Cluрea harengus, Cluрea рallasii) frozen except for liver and milt
0304 20 750 - fillets of herring (Cluрea harengus, Cluрea рallasii) frozen
Total - 030350 - herring (Cluрea harengus, Cluрea рallasii) frozen except for liver and milt + 0304 20 750 fillets of herring (Cluрea harengus, Cluрea рallasii) frozen
030374 - Mackerel (Scomber scombrus, Scomber australasicus, Scomber jaрonicus) frozen
030211- Trout (Salmo trutta, Oncorhynchus mykiss, Oncorhynchus clarki, Oncorhynchus aguabonita, Oncorhynchus gilae, Oncorhynchus aрache and Oncorhynchus chrysogaster) fresh or chilled
030212 - Salmon fresh or chilled
0303 1 - Pacific salmons (Oncorhynchus nerka, Oncorhynchus gorbuscha, Oncorhynchus keta, Oncorhynchus tschawytscha, Oncorhynchus kisutch, Oncorhynchus masou and Oncorhynchus rhodurus) frozen
0303 2 - Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), including trout (Salmo trutta, Oncorhynchus mykiss, Oncorhynchus clarki, Oncorhynchus aguabonita, Oncorhynchus gilae, Oncorhynchus aрache and Oncorhynchus chrysogaster), frozen
Total - salmons, chilled and frozen 030211+030212+03031+03032
0303 78 1 - Hake (Merluccius sрр.) frozen
0304 90 47 - Hake fillets (Merluccius sрр.), frozen
Total - Hake frozen, including fillets - 0303 78 1+0304 90 47
0306 13 100 - Shrimps of Pandalidae family
0306 13 300 Shrimps of Crangon family
0306 13 400 - Deepwater pink shrimps (Parapenaeus longirostris)
0306 13 500 - Shrimps of Penaeus family
0306 13 800 - other shrimps
0306 13 - Shrimps total
1605 20 - prepared packed shrimps
0304 20 850 0 - frozen fillets of Alaska pollock (Theragra chalcogramma)
0304 10 310 0 - chilled fillets of cod (Gadus morhua, Gadus macroceрhalus, Gadus ogac) и polar cod Boreogadus saida
0304 20 210 0 - frozen fillets of cod Gadus macroceрhalus
0304 20 290 0 - frozen fillets of cod, other
0304 20 310 0 - frozen fillets of saithe (Рollachius virens)
0304 20 330 0 - frozen fillets of haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus)
030420350 + 030420370 - frozen fillets of ocean perch (Sebastes sрр.)
0304 90 050 0 - surimi
TOTAL imports of finfish and other aquatic products: group 03 includes live fish and some ornamental species (HSC 030110), 1604+1605 processed finfish and non-finfish aquatic species
APPENDIX 4: List of Kamchatka salmon quota holders 2006

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