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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №5 (116) May 1, 2006

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English language version of Law on Fishery to be published
Murmansk puts forward $500 million fishmeal, fish oil and surimi/mince project
Pacific salmon TACs in force for the last year
Ministry of Agriculture finalizing quota share turnover routines
Second reading of draft law on simplified crossing of 12-mile border limit
Key figure to represent Russia in NEAFC and Mixed Russian-Norwegian Commission
Freshfrozen fish market of St. Petersburg and some other regions in May 2006
Ban on import of chilled salmon being phased out
Seafood snacks emerging as driving force behind growing snack market
British company to purchase cod fillets from Russian Far East
Trends in Russian supply of chilled cod and haddock to Norway
Chain of fish restaurants to be launched in Moscow
Catch and roe production results of pollock “A” season in RFE
Skipper points out extra opportunities in Okhotsk pollock season
Major roe herring expedition taking over from pollock “A” season
Fishery outlook in RFE for May 2006
Overview of Russian fisheries in the North and Central Eastern Atlantic in April 2006
Bottomfish catch and fillet production in the Barents Sea in first half of April
Mixed results of Russian redfish operations in the Irminger Sea
Major salmon plant for value added processing launched in Kaliningrad
Russia linking Mauritanian debt write-off with return of ATF trawlers
Mothership caught red-handed for central role in poaching operations
Leading fishing group to take customs house to court
Freight turnover of Saint Petersburg fish port
Fishing co-op’s farms to expand range by eel and sterlet
Shipbuilding, conversions and refurbishment
New inshore boat design MDS-600 next on agenda
Murmansk and Kaliningrad disagree on issue of fleet renewal
Affordable bank loans for fleet renewal in Murmansk
Ukraine Update
Catch and market output in Ukraine in 2005
Export-import of fish products in Ukraine in 2005
APPENDIX 1: Fairs and Exhibitions
APPENDIX 2: Domestic supply from RFE
12-18 April trends and outlook in domestic supply from RFE
Domestic supply prices from Vladivostok as per 18-25 April 2006 and short-term outlook
APPENDIX 3: Provisional figures for output and sales of fish products in metric tons and ‘000 nominal cans in 1 January-8 May 2006
Russia’s total fish production output at sea with export and domestic totals in January-8 May 2006
Fish products for human consumption (canned exclusive), metric tons
Canned and marinated finfish and shellfish/mollusks, ‘000 nominal cans
Fodder fish and whale meal, metric tons
Fodder fish products, metric tons

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