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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №4 (115) April 1, 2006

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Russia to establish port zones
Vladivostok fishery industry anticipating a further boost
IUU cod reefers escaping under Georgian flag
Russia to take strong measures against illegal fishery
Russian seafood imports exceeding one billion USD
Freshfrozen fish market of St. Petersburg and some other regions in April 2006
Moscow market operators store up on pollock
Pacific salmon fillets growing more popular in Moscow
First half April trends in raw fish supply for domestic market from Russian Far East
Ambitious project to boost saithe sales to Russia
Latest trends on seafood market of West Siberia
Wholesale fish prices peaking in Russia
Russian trawlers getting access to sales via Norges Raafisklag
Shipments of chilled saithe from Norway mounting as exempt of ban
Russia comes forward as leading exporter of coldwater shrimp to Japan
Processors hit by lack of domestic raw fish
TACs of Pacific salmons approved
Trends of Pacific salmon TACs in the Russian Far East in 2004-2006
Fishery in the Russian Far East in March 2006 and outlook for April
Okhotsk APO quota rise coinciding with heavy ice conditions
Early sailing of EU approved trawlers for Atka mackerel and squid grounds
High potential of Pacific squid in greater focus in Vladivostok
Improvement of fishing quota entitlement in Magadan
Cod and haddock fishery in the Barents Sea in March 2006
Murmansk trawlers start redfish season in the Irminger Sea
Russians stepping up redfish operations in the Irminger Sea
Controversy over important fishing areas closure in the Barents Sea
Bleak prospects for increasing Russian catches of Greenland halibut in the NAFO zone
Opportunities for Russian vessels to harvest deepwater shrimp off Spitsbergen
Overview of Russian fisheries in Northwest Atlantic in January-March 2006
Russian expedition trawl fishery in the North Atlantic in March 2006
Fishery overview in Kaliningrad-led West Basin in the first quarter of 2006
Kaliningrad fishermen discussing end of year results and outlook
Catch by Murmansk and Kaliningrad boats in 2005 broken down by species
Russian hake catch static
New plant and cold store to further boost Russia-wide Group’s revenues
Major processor ROK-1 introducing radio frequency-based product tracking system
Large fish processing plant close to completion in Saint Petersburg
Green Ocean TM expanding share of Russia’s fish market
Russian Sea processor launching canned salmon caviar in blister package
Lyodovo group expanding its range of marinated seafood preserves
Processor planning to invest into purchased fish cannery
Government selling off last stakes in cold storage combines
Archangelsk co-ops splitting disputed cod quota
Reorganization doesn’t affect shrimp supply to Russia
Thermo-insulated containers help sell to large retail chains
New packaging to eliminate fakes
Quick end to strike at crab stick joint-venture
Federal draft law on aquaculture circulated for consultation
European Bank investing into Russian trout farm
Stocking material supplier expecting brisk business
Success in raising trout in polyculture
Shipbuilding, conversions and refurbishment
Prototype seiner to make maiden trip for sea urchins
APPENDIX 1: Fairs and Exhibitions
APPENDIX 2: Trends of Pacific salmon TACs in the Russian Far East in 2004-2006
APPENDIX 3: Provisional figures for output and sales of fish products in metric tons and '000 nominal cans in 1 January-28 March 2006
Russia's total fish production output at sea with export and domestic totals in January-28 March 2006
Fish products for human consumption (canned exclusive)
Canned and marinated finfish and shellfish/mollusks
Fodder fish and whale meal, metric tons
Fodder fish products, metric tons
APPENDIX 4: Trends in volume and value of exported seafood products in 2002 - 2004
APPENDIX 5: Russia's external fish trade in 2004 with export-import proportions

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