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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №9 (108) September 1, 2005

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Russia and Morocco extend fishery agreement
Russia’s Fisheries Agency pressing for changes in foreign trade regulations
Federal target program for fishery industry
Industry pressing for scaling down management by TAC
President’s envoy calling for introduction of legal turnover of quota shares
Agreement to improve turnover of quota shares
Primorrybvod setting deadline for quota share allocation contracts
Industry looking into access to stocks and border controls
FFA and KAO join forces to improve stock management
Government to boost finance for stock reproduction
Salmon stock management system out-of-date
Fishery authorities seek role in ecological conservation
Overhaul of fishery control hitting stock protection
Government looks into unresolved issues of restocking and exploitation
Call for softer resource fees for inshore operations
Processing facilities remain poorly loaded
Russia’s fishery head impressed by Kamchatka’s factories
Target program for fish processing development in Murmansk
Industry alarmed by forthcoming merger of fish and merchant ports
Deadline outlined for merger of fish and merchant ports authorities
North Korean vessels arrested for poaching
Russia proposing ways to fight poachers
Companies helping with crackdown on poachers
Kamchatka implementing mechanism for sale of seized salmon
Chukotka to pack marine mammals’ meat
French seeking joint venture to harvest and process seaweeds
Conference highlighting inshore fishery legislation issues
Conference looks into navigation safety aspects of implicit quota sale deals
Conference working out advice for resource base development
Murmansk hosting international conference
Sakhalin to host fish fair
Federal law on sturgeons in the pipeline
Law on inshore fishery an issue for regional regulation
Major importer investing into refurbishment of its daughter’s plant
Exotic seafood importer boosting sales to catering sector
Rosbelryba to snatch huge business from brokers
Rise of fish meal transshipments in Kaliningrad fish port
$12 million processing complex on agenda
New cold store complex to be built in Moscow
Troubled giant striking guaranteed recovery deal
Private creditors seeking takeover of troubled giant
Murmansk insurance company doing business with province’s fish firms
Major fishing company Aquaresource boosting its fleet
Fishermen’s Union of Karelia strengthening its position
OAO Yuzhmorrybflot (plc) completed refurbishment
Gold medal awards for Kamchatka’s leading processor
Murmansk Fish Port reporting first half results
Fishery outlook in Russian Far East Basin in September 2005
Fishery in the Russian Far East to August 2005 inclusive
Fishery in the Bering Sea
Fishery in the North and South Kuriles
Fishery in the Sea of Okhotsk
Fishery in the Sea of Japan
Progressing of salmon season
Good progress of salmon season in Sakhalin
Big squid quota causing exhaustion problem
Poor harvesting of inshore quotas in Russian Far East
Restrictions for polar cod fishery lifted
Saury season in Shikotan to help boost canned production
Cod and haddock operations in the Barents Sea
Mackerel fishery in the Norwegian Sea
Blue whiting operations in the Norwegian Sea
Russian fishery for Norwegian herring
Russian fisheries in open waters of North Atlantic
Redfish operations in the Irminger and Labrador Seas
Russian halibut operations in East and West Greenland, NAFO zone
Operations of Murmansk boats in the Central Eastern Atlantic
Fishery outlook in North Basin in September 2005
Agreement impeding catches of large herring
Illegal red king crab fishery in Kola Bay
Good runs of muksun in Siberia
Fishermen getting ready for Polar cod season
Minke whale fishery to be resumed
Freshfrozen fish market of St. Petersburg and Moscow in September 2005
South Korea and Japan competing for Russian fish
Russia comes forward as major buyer of Argentinean hake
Fish dominating in Latvian food exports to Russia
Russia remains China’s main supplier of whitefish
Dynamics of Russia’s seafood export structure
Rise of diesel oil prices hitting low margin fisheries
New rules of canned fish transport hitting producers and suppliers
Trends in consumption of value added seafood
Russian inspectors checking Estonian establishments and vessels
Famous caviar label affected by counterfeit product
Survey looks into Alaska pollock abundance in the Sea of Okhotsk
Developments in snow crab abundance in the Petropavlovsk-Comandor subarea
Kamchatka to build hatcheries for boosting salmon returns
Refurbished mothership ready for saury season
Purchased reefer being put to sea
National Budget to earmark funds for shipbuilding leasing
Khakassky Rybokombinat farms doubling trout output
Magadan to build salmon hatchery
Astrakhan hosts international aquaculture forum
APPENDIX 1: Fairs and Exhibitions
APPENDIX 2: September overview of wholesale prices

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