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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №8 (107) August 1, 2005

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Vladivostok pushing for full domestic processing of Russian catch
Russian Railways to boost shipments of fish from Vladivostok
Ministry of Agriculture welcomes concentration in the industry
Fishing vessels to be controlled by single service
Arkhangelsk to host international conference on inshore ecosystems
Fleets struggling with growing bunker costs
Arkhangelsk drafting recovery plans for loss-making co-ops
Court rules in favour of Federal Anti-Trust Service
Russia and Norway to develop common strategy for stock management
Kamchatka campaigning to bring down offshore red salmon fee
RFE drafting amendments to the Federal Fishery Law
Change in Astrakhan policies regarding sturgeon conservation
Khabarovsk police crack down on black caviar traffickers
New national standard for salmon caviar
Combine adding modern products to its canned range
CEO of Kamchatka-based firm arrested
Court rules on salmon site claim
New owners put Kaliningrad-based Atlantrybflot back on track
Cyros Group launching shellfish and mollusks marinade range
Major combine getting ready for administration hearing
ATF PLC changing lawyers in vessels arrest case
Vladivostok Fish Plant to go under hammer as one lot
Fishery in the Russian Far East to July 2005 inclusive
Fishery in the Bering Sea
Fishery in the North and South Kuriles
Fishery in the Sea of Okhotsk
Fishery in the Sea of Japan
Salmon season displaying unusual pattern
Smooth progressing of sockeye quotas
Kamchatka to rebuild depleted king crab stocks
Fishery outlook in Russian Far East Basin in August 2005
Cod and haddock operations in the Barents Sea
Mackerel fishery in the Norwegian Sea
Blue whiting operations in the Norwegian Sea
Russian fishery for spring spawning Norwegian herring
Russian redfish operations in the Irminger Sea
Russian halibut fishery in Northwest Atlantic
Fishery outlook in North Basin in August 2005
Arkhangelsk region struggling to keep inshore cod quotas
Stocks, quotas, supplies, prices, new products, etc.
Freshfrozen fish market of St. Petersburg and Moscow in August 2005
Positive dynamics of per capita fish consumption
Latest trends on chilled surimi market
Russian catch stays ahead
Arkhangelsk catch and production in the first half
Vietnam selling more to Russia
Good opportunities for private label seafood
Russia introducing new standards of food labelling
Good outlook for Bering Sea pollock stock
Shipbuilding, conversions and refurbishment
Kaliningrad yard launching two hulls for Danish customer
Chinese shipbuilders deliver seiner for Kamchatka major co-op
Converted trawler to produce squid for export to EU
Common computer network for Vladivostok fishermen
Fish Farming
TINRO farm breeding new sturgeon strains
Marine park project to boost scallop farming
APPENDIX 1: Fairs and Exhibitions
APPENDIX 2: August overview of wholesale prices

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