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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №6 (105) June 1, 2005

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Positive advance of Russian fishery industry to May
Russian Premier highlights problems of fishery industry
Russia making modern-style Coast Guard to police fish stocks
Draft Law on Inshore fishery running into opposition
Influential Governor cracks down on regulatory barriers in the industry
Vladivostok to host international forum and exhibition
Government-backed KARP association to oversee quota share-out in Kamchatka
Court reviewed distribution of capture quotas
Russian seaman’s passport no longer accepted in Korea
Kaliningrad port concerned with forthcoming railway charges
Sakhalin government working on fishing sites register
Legal update
Government issues resolution “On organization of Pacific salmon fishery”
Cabinet aligns functions of departments with law on fishery
Minister approving procedure for allocation of salmon quotas to fishermen
Streamlined combine ATF posting profit in first quarter
Mixed fortunes of claims of Norwegian firm and Archangelsk co-ops in Russian Court
Kamchatka leading co-op completing modernization of onshore factory
Chairman of leading Kamchatka co-op re-elected
Fishery in the Russian Far East to May 2005 inclusive
Fishery for Alaska pollock, cod, etc in Bering Sea
Fishery in the North and South Kuriles
Operations in the Sea of Okhotsk
Operations in the Sea of Japan
Fishermen getting ready for roe urchin season
Roe herring fishery ending in the Russian Far East
Sockeye season may be affected by cold weather
Salmon fishery in Kamchatka to comply with eco-safety requirements
Moscow approves salmon quotas for Kamchatka and Koryak District users
Long-term concessions for salmon rivers
Squid runs remain slow in the Russian Far East
Seal and whale fishery in the Russian Far East
Cod and haddock in the Barents Sea fishery
Overview of Russian blue whiting fishery
Russian haddock fishery at Rockall Bank
Progress of Russian redfish operations in the Irminger Sea
Russian halibut fishery in Northwest Atlantic
Operations of Russian shrimpers at Flemish Cap
Russian operations in Central Eastern Atlantic
Fishery outlook for June 2005 in the North Basin
Stocks, quotas, supplies, prices, new products, etc.
Freshfrozen fish market of St. Petersburg and Moscow in June 2005
Trends in Russian exports of frozen cod products to Europe
Russian consumption of Norwegian salmon displaying steep growth
Improvement of disposable incomes does not affect herring consumption
Seafood popularity increasing in Russia
Ministry of Agriculture signs quota breakdown of RFE salmon TAC
Russia lifts restrictions on meat and fish imports from Kyrgyzstan
Shipbuilding, conversions and refurbishment
Kamchatka co-op to take delivery of first seiner in three-vessel series
Major fleet completing $10 million modernization project
Yard lays first RS-450 seiner for Vladivostok customer
Appendix 1. Fairs and Exhibitions

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