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Publications / Species of Your Choice Import or Export Report / №1 (1) January 23, 2019

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The Report will be prepared to your specifications as to species and focus (import or export) by FISHNET analysts from customs declarations raw figures.

Standard contents of the report is as follows:


Russian leading exporters in 2018 in goods statistical value and net weight

  • Dynamics of performance of Russian leading exporters in 2018, 2017 in statistical value and net weight
  • Full ranking of exporters in 2018, in net weight and statistical value
  • Change in performance of the Russian exporters (full list) in 2018 and 2017
  • Price in USD per kg, tonnage and statistical value by kind of product
  • Russian exporter regions: ranking and dynamics in statistical value and tonnage

Russian shipments in detail by invoice and statistical value

  • Full listing of export shipments (abridged description) in 2018 in terms of statistical value
  • Export shipments in currencies of invoice in 2018

Rating of foreign importers in 2018

  • Change in performance of the leading importers of Russian products in 2018 versus 2017
  • Ranking and dynamics of the importers countries

To order the Report at Euro 120.00 only please go to My Office section / Shop or write to Any questions welcome!

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