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We specialize in frozen squid  for 10 years. 
Our company already passed the factory audit from HACCP, IFS,BR.VC
-Main Items
Squid Tube, squid Ring, squid Tentacle, squid Carving, squid T+T, squid T+R, squid Fillet, squid mouth , squid WR , squid wings , et
Todarodes pacificus
Illex argentinus

-SquidTube :
U5, U7, U10, 
IQF or BQF, tip on/off, first ring on/off, boneless, skinless, wing off,treated, 70%-100% Net Weight
-Squid Ring :
IQF, clean, 2-4cm/3-5cm/5-8cm dia, 1-1.5cm width, 70%-100% NW
-squid Carving :
3*6cm; 4*6cm ; 6*10.  (size according to your requirement)
-Squid Tentacle :
40g+/60g+, neck on/off, eye off, beak off, no additive, block frozen
Squid T+T :
Clean, 5-8", IQF or BQF

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China, Shandong
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