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Tymlatsky Fish Factory, ltd.

“Tymlatsky Fish Factory” Co Ltd was founded in 1999 on the Bering Sea shore in the north-eastern part of Kamtchatka in the Tymlat river catchment area. The enterprise specializes in the catching and processing of bottom-living ocean codfish and halibut species. The fishing is held in the cold and ecologically clean Sea of Okhotsk and Bering Sea waters, which wash the Kamchatka Peninsula. Purpose-designed vessels “Rumyantsevo” and “Muraviev Amursky”, which are provided with CES registry numbers, equipped with the modern automatic fish-processing complex. The fishing equipment “Marco”, the fish-processing machinery “BAADER-415KL”, the quick-freezing complex guarantee the contact deep freezing in the block molds and the air-blast refrigerator for the larger specimen. The vessels are able to hold all-year fishing and to process more than 2000 tons of raw cod and halibut yearly. The bloodless fish goes straight to the gutting and quick-freezing to -25Cº. Any two blocks are packed into the propylene sandwich-bags with a paper coverage using a poly bag. “Tymlatsky Fish Factory” pays a lot of attention to the product quality, all sanitary conditions satisfy the European standards’ requirements, furthermore it takes part in the different exhibitions and competitions. Its products are honored with the highest prizes: golden and platinum quality marks.

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