Company Pollock Association, AG INN: 2536175101

Company Pollock Association, AG

INN: 2536175101
Russian Pollock Association was established in 2006 for mutual decisions development and efficiency evaluation of the fishing businesses.

Nowadays the Association includes about 30 biggest Russian fishing companies. Associated companies control more than 54% of Russian Alaska pollock catches and about 30% of world total Alaska pollock catches.

Members of the Association have long-term contracts with the leading fish processors around the world: in China, Republic of Korea, Japan, USA, Germany and France.

The fleet of our member-companies consists of modern fishing vessels which are able to produce high quality products satisfying the world market standards. More than 58% of Alaska pollock fillets and 64% of frozen roe of total Russian output are produced on the vessels operated by companies which have entered into the Association.

Russian Pollock Association interacts with federal public authorities for the convenience of fishing companies and fishing industry of Russia.

Alaska pollock fishery certification of Marine Stewardship Council is also critical activity of the Association. Full assessment of the Alaska pollock fisheries (Western Bering Sea and Sea of Okhotsk) is conducting by independent body - TAVEL Certification Inc. Moreover Russian Pollock Association has a favorable cooperation with Russian Pollock Fishery Improvement Partnership.

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