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Nordic Seafood was founded in 1988 in the Danish fishing port of Hirtshals. Nordic Seafood’s chief shareholers are two of the world’s leaders in fishing and fish processing: Nippon Suisan Ltd. (NISSUI) in Japan and Sealord Group Ltd. in New Zealand.

As importer and distributor, Nordic Seafood creates seafood value for our customers by staying ahead in terms of quality, dependability of deliveries and price.

In own cold stores, Nordic Seafood carries a stock ranging across more than 1,000 varieties of product. Nordic Seafood’s close contacts with NISSUI and Sealord ensure full vertical integration in quality control and product flow from catch, via freezing to the customer.

Nordic Seafood: a single contact
with a world of possibilities

Every single day, frozen fish and shellfish arrive from all over the world at Nordic Seafood’s cold stores; close to the production facilities of our modern factory, so that the cold chain is preserved unbroken throughout the whole process.

With our own sales companies and permanent business partners on all European markets, we at Nordic Seafood are close to our customers and their needs. Not merely as dependable and competitive supplier, but also as a flexible and development-orientated partner.

Fish and shellfish are healthy foodstuffs with endless gastronomic possibilities. Through our global network of suppliers, Nordic Seafood keeps up-to-date with the latest trends and possible applications.This knowledge benefits our customers whilst, at the same time, ensuring that we can meet individual wishes in such things as package dimensions, form of packaging and type of processing.

This close communication with our customers exists on the personal level but also through Nordic Seafood’s participation in the leading trade fairs and exhibitions.

Our production methods can also satisfy special customer wishes about such things as the degree of processing and package size.

In the vertical production process, safety along the whole line from catch to delivery is ensured by Nordic Seafood’s own control measures. Our laboratory checks the incoming supplies as well as our own production before distributing products throughout Europe, by means of an efficient and professional system of logistics.

Approaching its 100th anniversary in 2011, NISSUI has established a "True Global Link" as the largest global supply chain for seafood. Nordic Seafood and Sealord hold leading positions in the network together with a number of other major companies throughout the world. The aim is that within a few years, TGL will not just stand for True Global Link but also True Global Leader.

True Global Link is an expression of a wish to combine the wealth of the oceans with scientific development and human values in a responsible utilization of resources for the benefit of the people of the world and with respect for future generations.

The thoughts behind True Global Link are in harmony with Nordic Seafood’s long-standing basic values: the distribution of top-quality products based on ethical principles. This involves respect for the environment and reliability in cooperation with customers.

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