Young Kaliningrad-based seafood processor Atlantis commissioning EU-approved plant

December 3, 2010 12:26
 Established in 2007 in Kaliningrad, Atlantis Group of Companies has commissioned a high-tech EU-approved fish plant to produce a wide range of high quality value-added products, reports ( with reference to the company.

The company works in such seafood market sectors as finfish products, frozen shrimps and other non-finfish products and marinated products with various filling and juices. Atlantis Group of Companies processes products under own labels of Don Marino and Omega 3 Ocean Planet.

The plant is fitted with high-tech equipment of Shaller, Kometos, StarFrost and Marel securing complete processing cycle from dressing operations to output of ready-to-eat products.

In 2010 the plant has been registered by the EU as approved for export to the European countries as the production facility fitted with the single information system ERP is compliant with the HACCP standards to guarantee high quality and ecological safety of final products.

The company uses up-to-date technologies in the sphere of production and storage of frozen and chilled products. Partnerships with leading world suppliers of the raw material, freezing and processing equipment, packing lines and materials enable Atlantis to be on the edge of new trends in the sector.

In the year 2011 Atlantis plans to sign contracts with leading chains and distributors and win the leading position among suppliers of packed seafood and towards that end it will offer a wide range of products, high product quality, innovation recipes, design and packaging, as well as active marketing support in order to encourage sales to end consumers.

The new technology gives the opportunity to avoid use of fat and oil used in frying. Finfish is cooked in own juice and steam cooked with all the healthy vitamins and microelements preserved. There is no need to open and unfreeze such packs, they are to be simply put to the microwave oven where the fish will be steam cooked. Such technology will be very convenient for those consumers who used to take care of their health and eat healthy food, but not always they have time to spend on long home preparation or the opportunity to visit restaurants.

The product range offered by Atlantis includes such shatterpack products as shrimps 70-90, 90-120, 120+ with or without spices, peeled pink shrimps, mussel meat, seafood cocktails (5 components) in marinade inclusive, Atlantic salmon medallions, fillet chunks, steaks and split fillets in skin packs, skin-on/skinned cod fillets in vacuum packs and skin packs, frozen cod headed and gutted, frozen Atlantic salmon mince and cod mince in vacuum packs.

 Cocktail (5 components)Cocktail (5 components)Pink shrimpsMussels
Shrimps 90-120Shrimps 120+Salmon in skin packSalmon mince

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Atlantis Group of Companies; Dom 1, Ulitsa Pobedy, Pos.Sovkhoznoye, Bagrationovsky District, 238460 Kaliningrad Region, Russia; tel.: +7 4012 570257, 570257, fax: +7 4012 570270; e-mail:,

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