Winterisation Europe’s fish oil from Morocco certified sustainable Friend of the Sea

May 20, 2011 14:08

Winterisation Europe is a leading bulk supplier of small pelagic Omega-3 fish oils deriving from the Atlantic Ocean. Winterisation Europe has used sardines, mackerel and anchovies to produce their fish oils. These originate from certified supply chains which conform to the European Regulations, reports with reference to Friend of the Sea.

 The fish are caught by Friend of the Sea approved selective Moroccan purse seiners with no impact to the seabed. Winterisation Europe has a rigorous sustainability management policy in place. They source their fish oils in geographical zones where the fish stocks have been monitored and assessed as sustainable.

 Winterisation Europe's supply chain is closely monitored from the purchase order to the final destination using HACCP methods to provide sanitary and safety insurance to its customers. Marc Ruty the Commercial Director, Fish Oil Business Unit confirms "For Winterisation Europe the health benefits provided by our fish oils are as important to us as their environmentally friendly value. We provide our eco-friendly consumers a product from a fully traceable sustainable source."

Winterisation Europe is part of the family-owned Group SIRH, whose involvement in the fish oil industry is dating back to 1929. Located in the picturesque cod fishing harbour of Fecamp in Normandy, Winterisation Europe has gained over the years a strong reputation of dedication and excellence in the trade and manufacturing of fish oils.

For more information, please contact:

Commercial Director, Fish Oil Business Unit - Mr Marc Ruty
Winterisation Europe
Tel: +33 235 293 000

Executive Director - Mr Paolo Bray
Friend of the Sea
Tel: +39 348 565 0306

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