Welcoming the 'Foresight' report's focus on aquaculture

January 27, 2011 14:42

Findus Group welcomes the attention brought to the issue of sustainable aquaculture by Foresight, the Government's futures think tank, in it its report 'The Future of Food and Farming' published on 24 January 2011. The report argues for fundamental change to the global food system and beyond if a rapidly expanding global population is to be fed over the next 40 years, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to Young's Seafood.

Leendert den Hollander, managing director, for Young's and Findus UK, says: "We welcome the attention this report has brought to the issue of sustainable aquaculture. As an ongoing source of good quality protein, fish has an essential part to play in the healthy diet of the UK consumer. Fish farming will in future prove to be an essential component in the world's food supply as rising global population, climate change and environmental degradation highlight the potential fragility of long-term food security. So it's very important that we get the facts straight about aquaculture - so that everyone can continue to enjoy this healthy food in the knowledge that it can be responsibly farmed and sustainable.

"Fish farming is an ancient practice and we're pro-actively working to drive improvement and best practice through the industry in line with our Fish for Life programme on sustainable fish procurement. Without a growing aquaculture industry, the world will not be able to ensure that fish remains an accessible and affordable source of food for all in the future."

'The Future of Food and Farming', argues that fish farming will have a major role to play in meeting supply and resource challenges ahead and will need to produce more with increased sustainability. Commenting on the potential scope of aquaculture, the report claims that global productivity in aquaculture typically could, with limited changes to inputs, be raised by around 40%.

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