Want to know why prawns are such a great, sustainable choice?

January 21, 2011 11:10

Leendert den Hollander, managing director of Findus UK and Young's, says:

"Prawns are tasty and versatile - you can use them in so many different ways. Plus all our prawns are sustainable, making them a fantastic choice. We only buy our farmed prawns from established, responsible producers who operate in a sustainable and ethical way. This is in line with our Fish for Life approach to responsible seafood, and the application of our Ten Principles for Responsible Fish Procurement, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to Young's Seafood.

"When properly managed with due care for the environment, prawn farming is a sustainable form of aquaculture, which produces an excellent source of renewable and high quality seafood. It can also be a valuable source of income for communities in developing countries."

If you love prawns then you'll also love to know that we never put additives in our frozen prawns!

Want to know what's in our Scampi?

In 1946, Young's originated the idea of gently peeling Langoustine wholetails and coating them in a light, crisp breadcrumb to create what we all know and love as Scampi. Today, our Scampi remains the Nation's Favourite and a true British tradition. All the Langoustine we use in our Scampi products are caught around the coast of the UK. This is in line with our Fish for Life approach to responsible seafood, and the application of our Ten Principles for Responsible Fish Procurement.

All Young's Scampi is made using top quality Langoustine tails - either from whole tails for our premium scampi or using smaller pieces. This is a responsible way to maximise the yield from this valuable resource - it also ensures our scampi is affordable to everyone.

Managing director, Leendert den Hollander, says: "Our wholetail Scampi products use high quality Langoustine wholetails and this is clearly marked on the pack, in line with our transparent labelling policy. We never use additives or phosphates in our wholetail Scampi. Plus you'll be pleased to know that our wholetail Scampi is low in saturated fat."

Also, did you know that we've joined up with the MSC to ensure that our Isle of Lewis Scampi is sustainable and can be enjoyed by future generations? The Langoustine we use to create this Scampi is fished only from the MSC accredited Stornoway Fishery, which is situated off the Isle of Lewis in the Scottish Hebrides. Click here to find out more about our Isle of Lewis Scampi.

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