Vladivostok fishing giant launched new land-based processing facility

July 6, 2007 12:44

Vladivostok-based fishing giant NBAMR plc operating via BAMR Managing Company launched a new department on the premises of its land-based fish processing complex. The facility produces a range of IQF squid products such as squid tubes, rings, straws and salad mix, the firm's PR-manager Varvara Nasyr told https://www.fishnet.ru/ at the recent international exhibition Seafood Russia-2007.

The above products were exhibited at the show and the company even received two gold medals for its IQF squid tubes skinned. Another two medals, one gold and one silver, were correspondingly given for the company's seafood cutlets and Alaska pollock fillets.

BAMR's onshore processing factory can manufacture products to the customer's requirements under private labels. The firm's plans provide for two and three-shift scheme of work.

The full interview with BAMR's PR-manager Varvara Nasyr is available for free in the Russian language in the FISH TV section of https://www.fishnet.ru/. (If you wish to place your video reels on our Russian site, we can dub them into Russian, feel free to contact our sales manager Oksana Kozlova oksana@fishnet-russia.com, ICQ 402622314)

More information from:

NBAMR Managing Company; 50a, Nekrasovskaya str., 690014, Vladivostok, Russia; tel.: +7 4232 215790, 904395, fax: +7 4232 215791; e-mail: sales@bamr.ru, http://www.bamr.ru/

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