Vinh Hoan won the top prize for Provocake at Seafood Prix d’Elite 2011

May 16, 2011 11:19

On 3 May 2011, it was honor for Vinh Hoan to win the top prize - Grand Prize: Best New Retail Product Award in the eleventh annual Seafood Prix d'Elite 2011 new products competition at the European Seafood Exposition, the world's largest and most prestigious seafood event, in Brussel, Belgium, reports with reference to Vinh Hoan.

There are two grand prizes (Best new retail product và Best new foodservice product) and five special awards (Originality, Convenience, Health and Nutrition, Retail Packaging và Seafood product line) were presented at the Seafood Prix d'Elite.

 In 2009, Vinh Hoan was the first and only Asian seafood company winning the Special Award for the Health and Nutrition prize at this competition for its Seafood Harmony at the Seafood Prix d'Elite 2009.
 >>"Seafood harmony" wins the Special Award for Healh and Nutrition at the Seafood Prix d'Elite 
 In 2011, Vinh Hoan is the unique representative of Vietnam which has 02 items, Provocake and Deliburg, in the 37 finalists from 14 countries. The winners of this prestigious competition were selected from these 37 finalists and announced on 03 May. Finally, Provocake made of pangasius, shrimp and mushrooms encircled by asparagus and tied with a green onion top received high marks from the judges for its quality of ingredients and originality of presentation
 The success of its products at Seafood Prix d'Elite 2011 competition is meaningful to Vinh Hoan. It helps Vinh Hoan to confirm its trademark and prestige for international markets.

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