Vietnamese exporters to hold stock of pangasius in bonded coldstore in Ukraine

August 6, 2009 12:35

Vietnamese exporters of pangasius catfish will build a customs licensed coldstore in Odessa, a busy Ukrainian port in the Black Sea, reports ( with reference to the Ukrainian media.

Such statement was made by general director of Navico Corporation Mr. Doan Toi at the mid-July pangasius conference in the Ukraine (the event called "Development of fish business: pangasius and shellfish from Vietnam").

The conference was held with participation of representatives from Vietnam's Ministry of Agriculture and Development as well as from companies which are directly engaged in seafood production such as Navico and Thaimex.

From the Ukrainian side, the conference was attended by seafood importers invited by Navico as well as deputy chairman of Ukraine's State Fisheries Committee.

Most of all, the strongest interest of the participants was aroused by the speech of Mr. Doan Toi who announced their plans of commissioning a customs licensed coldstore in Odessa so that the participants of the Ukrainian seafood market could have a reliable supply of such popular fish as pangasius thus avoiding the need to wait for its shipments from Vietnam. According to Mr. Doan Toi, these are longterm plans and such coldstore will hardly appear in the city before the end of 2010.

It is not yet known whether the project will take off from the zero cycle of construction or Navico will only rent the facilities for the purpose. At present the project is at the calculation stage. As for the market capacity, Mr. Doan Toi says that the capacity of the Ukrainian market of pangasisus in 2009 is estimated at ca.100,000 tonnes, much higher than 60,000 tonnes imported to the country in 2008 (according to the official statistics).

The participants of the conference got also interested by certification of production aimed at easing importation of pangasius to the Ukraine. This issue has already been scrutinized by the government and in the near future new agreements are expected to settle the issue.

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