Value added processor to tap Moscow market

January 30, 2007 16:30

Vladivostok-based Rybokombinat Turnif running one of the newest land-based factories in the Russian Far East, is scrutinizing opportunities for sale of its products in Moscow and in the surrounding regions.

Towards that end the company has taken part in seafood shows in the capital and done some efforts to promote its range via representatives. However, according to some resources, further advance of Turnif's product range to Russia's central and northwest regions is hampered by insufficient output. In fact, the products are sold out to the east of the Urals, not farther than Ekaterinburg.

Fish combine

Turnif is one of the largest fish processing companies located in the Russian Far East. The combine focuses on value added processing. The company was originally established as attached to a large fishing firm OAO Turnif (plc) in 2003. However, later due to change of ownership it was transferred under the umbrella of System Solutions.

The plant's production lines are fitted with German equipment, the factory has been certified to the HACCP standards and received an EU approval number.

The combine's range is dominated by Solyonyi Veter branded products. Besides, the company is launching a caviar-processing line and a squid processing line.


Turnif fish combine is the region's only fish processing company running own laboratory checking quality of final products, raw material, subsidiary food materials which has been accredited by Vladivostok-based Centre for Tests and Certification and the province's Centre of State Sanitary-Epidemiological Inspection. The combine's laboratory has been declared the best one among food plants all over the Russian Far East, the company says. It also adds that the lab specialists keep working at new recipes to satisfy growing market needs.

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