Valuable fish species to be cultured in northern Urals

February 29, 2008 16:04

A large fish combine, which is being built in Khanty-Mansiisk, capital of Khantia-Mansia Autonomous Okrug located in the north of the Urals, will grow sturgeon and Coregonus whitefish. The opportunity was discussed at the meeting of the province's Governor Alexander Filipenko and Director of GP Institut Gosrybotsentr.

The participants of the meeting also discussed possibilities for large-scale restocking of valuable fish species in the local water bodies, wide study of the current condition of local fish resources.

Ugra is a large supplier of juveniles of valuable fish species and the new fish complex is supposed to supply the stocking material not only to Russian farms but also to start stocking the fry into the local water bodies on large scale. Aquaculture scientists will do the necessary research in order to find appropriate spawning grounds.

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