VAKI, Sjotroll, OCEA and BioMar On The Top Of The World

November 2, 2010 16:02

VAKI, Sjotroll, OCEA and BioMar held a conference here in Iceland about their mutual target of reaching the ideal 1,05 FCR, reports with reference to VAKI.

While the Norwegian Vikings stayed in Iceland they accomplished to squeeze a number of adventures and fine dining into their agenda of meetings and visits to local fish farmers and relating companies. 

All four companies held presentations on their production and developments with focus on the desire to have consisting Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) at 1,05. VAKI focused on the latest developments on Biomass Daily and how that can be incorporated into the 1,05 project. One of the main benefits of the Biomass Daily system is continuous measurements, which leads to lower FCR.

Additional to the Biomass Daily system is the new technology of Echo Sounder monitoring, which is used to find the depth that bulk of the salmon is occupying in large sea cages. A large sea cage can be up to 160 meters in circumference and 40 - 50 meters deep. The monitoring system is very helpful in order to place the Biomass Daily frame at the right place at all times.

Managing Director Jonas Jonasson at Stofnfiskur, Iceland's leading company in the selective breeding and production of salmonid eggs, visited and held a presentation. Stofnfiskur is unique in being able to supply healthy Atlantic salmon eggs all year around. 

Later the group went to Islandsbleikja in Grindavik, which is the largest producer of Arctic Charr in the world. Iceland Arctic Charr roes are purchased from one of the two suppliers, both of which have years of experience and a well-established breeding program. The roes are then hatched using high-quality fresh geothermal water, pumped directly from the ground at Nupar.

BioMar group is one of the leading suppliers of high performance fish feed for salmon and trout to the aquaculture industry and their main business area is here in the northern part of the world.

Ocea introduced their Mercatus web-based systems for production planning and control and various specialised equipment, such as modern fish feeding system. Ocea Mercatus is leading software within the areas of fish farming control, monitoring and planning.

Sjotroll is a large producer and supplier of farmed and processed salmon and trout. Through its range of companies, Sjotroll manages the full value chain, from production of brood stock and roe to the fish being slaughtered and processed. This provides an exceptional level of control in terms of product quality.

Together these four companies can help each other in finding the best procedure and optimization in modern fish feeding behaviour and production results.

After few days of presentations and discussion the group got the chance to enjoy the crazy island up north. They did not leave Iceland without a visit to the Blue Lagoon, a two-hour riding tour on an ATV at the Krísuvík peninsula area, a Viking festival at Fjorukranni, a sightseeing trip to Thingvellir, Gullfoss and Geysir and the last evening enjoyed a dinner at the revolving restaurant Perlan.

The Pearl was open in 1991 and combines utility and vision. Hollow steel framing supports the glass dome and walls that link six aluminium-sided tanks, each of, which can contain 4 million liters of water averaging 85°C. As part of the Pearl‘s heating system, hot water is pumped through the metal framework in winter, while cold water flows during the summer, thereby producing a comfortable year-round environment.

The resturant was designed on top of the tanks on revolving floor, offering guests a gently changing panorama view of the city as they dine.

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