Vaki contributes to saving the Vosso salmon

September 14, 2010 12:27

VAKI is delighted to be a new partner with Vossolauget and having the opportunity to assist in the pleasant project of restoring the Vosso salmon stock. The Vosso Salmon has an international reputation as the largest Atlantic salmon in the world. However, at the end of the 1980s, the salmon stock was very low and it has been protected since 1992. VAKI delivered a Fish Grader and a Fish Counter as a contribution to the project, reports with reference to VAKI.

Vossolauget was founded in 2008 and is a partner group of aquaculture companies and organizations who have initiated a 5 year project for the period 2008 - 2012. The Overall objective of the project is to return the population to a level at which it is able to maintain itself via natural spawning in the Vosso river system.
The main instrument to reach the goal of the project is the on growth of hatchery produced Vosso juveniles to smolts in a cage based production system placed in the Evanger Lake of the Vosso River. By the end of May the smolts are towed in a special tank system from the Vosso River outlet through the fjord system, where the major decimation of naturally migrating smolts normally occurs. The smolts are then released in outer coastal waters beyond these initial barriers. This initiative from the aquaculture industry is based on earlier results from small scale trials carried out for research purposes, which now are up-scaled to a volume which hopefully will be able to restore the wild stock of the Vosso salmon.

As in commercial aquaculture production, reliable and efficient grading and counting of the juveniles and smolts are vital both to the production quality and scientific evaluation of the results. VAKI as a leading company in development and manufacture of hi-tech equipment for fish farming and the environmental market is familiar with the importance of quality, efficiency and reliability of data management and scientific conclusions.

Other partners are now:

Marine Harvest
Leroy Vest AS
Sjotroll Havbruk AS
Salmobreed AS
Blom Fiskeoppdrett AS  Fyllingsnes Fisk AS
Fjord Drift AS
FHL Vestnorsk Havbrukslag
Eide Fiskeoppdrett AS
Patogen Analyse AS
Havbruksinstituttet AS

Vosso salmon

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The roots of VAKI go back to the year 1986. VAKI is leading company in development, manufacture and marketing of hi-tech equipment for fish farming and the environmental market. Continuous product development in collaboration with customers and other partners is one of the company's main priorities. We strive to meet the needs that arise with our customers and look for new opportunities where our technological expertise can be incorporated. VAKI has a production unit in Akureyri that exploits the most up-to-date technology and automatic equipment for the production of high-quality products.
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