VAKI announces its Novatrans wellboat is equipped with unique VAKI Smolt Counter

April 21, 2011 14:57

VAKI is proud to present that the world's most modern wellboat, Novatrans is equipped with a unique VAKI Smolt Counter, reports with reference to VAKI.

The wellboat is made by Aas Mechanical Workshop and they have yet another wellboat under construction also with a VAKI Smolt Counter, named Viknatrans. The Wellboat belongs to the Norsk Fisketransport AS.

With the VAKI Smolt Counter the counts can be substantiated by images of each individual fish; this means that disputes about the numbers of fish delivered, which so many Fish Farmers know from bitter experience, can be avoided. In addition, VAKI's Smolt Counter can measure the size of the fish during the count, so making it possible to arrive at the average weight and the size distribution at the same time.

Novatrans is 62 meters long and 12 meters wide and will have a cargo capacity of 1200 cubic meters. The wellboat transports from 150 to 170 tons of live fish.

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