Updated Science Report Details Current State of Atlantic Bigeye Stock

October 21, 2010 14:50

The International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) has released an update of its Status of the World Fisheries for Tuna report focusing on the Atlantic Ocean tuna stocks from science made available by the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT)'s Standing Committee on Research and Statistics (SCRS), reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to International Seafood Sustainability Foundation.

The update details catch and stock health data primarily focused on bigeye. Details include:
In 2009, about 395,000 tonnes of tuna were caught from the region, a 7% increase from 2008;
The bigeye stock is not in an overfished state and overfishing is not occurring, but the model used to assess the stock was modified, so the stock still merits close monitoring;
The SCRS recommended that catches be limited to 85,000 tonnes, or less, in order to allow the stock biomass to continue to increase and thus provide a buffer to guard against the stock rapidly returning to an overfished state;

ICCAT will meet in mid November of this year to review the SCRS findings and consider implementing new, or adjusting current, conservation management measures.

To access the updated Status of World Fisheries for Tuna report, click under related files.
The International Seafood Sustainability Foundation is a global partnership among scientists, the tuna industry and WWF, the world's leading conservation organization, promoting science-based initiatives for the long-term conservation and sustainable use of tuna stocks, reducing bycatch and promoting ecosystem health.

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