Ukraine's fishery industry statistics for 2008

March 23, 2009 16:30

According to the official statistics, development of the fishery industry in the Ukraine in 2008 showed positive trends, reports ( with reference to the nation's State Fisheries Committee.

More specifically, in 2008 the Ukrainian fishermen harvested 224,200 tonnes of finfish and other aquatic products, 4.9% up on 2007.

Fish production grew by 2% in 2008 and amounted to 174,100 tonnes, of which 103,900 tonnes were contributed by canned fish.

In 2008 the Ukrainian marine ports of Sevastopol, Kerch, Illichevsk and Mariupol all together handled 1189 ships, of which 707 ships were either foreign or chartered. The above figures were on a par with the results for the year 2007. The net profit of the fish ports amounted to 197.9 million hryvnias, 25% up on 2007.

The most profitable company in 2008 was GP Sevastopol Marine Fish Port with the profit of 12.2 million hryvnias followed by GP Kontora Kapitana Sevmorrybporta (1.2 million hryvnias). At the same time, 13 companies worked with losses with the largest decreases showed by GP SUOR, GP Service, SGP Atlantika and Agro Kholod.

For the first time for the recent two years Kerch-based fish processing combine OAO Kerchensky Rybokombinat (plc) displayed positive development trends and started generating profit in 2008.

According to the Ukrainian Tax Revenue Office, in 2008 the nation's fish businesses paid 51.3 million hryvnias to the budget, 10.2 million hryvnias up on 2007. The largest disbursements were contributed by companies based in Sevastopol (3.5 million hryvnias), Crimea (2.4 million hryvnias) and Odessa (1 million hryvnias).

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