Ukraine-based combined fish farm and freshwater wild fisheries operation offered for sale to investors

June 11, 2010 15:29

The Ukraine-based joint-stock company "Vilshanka" operating a fish farm not far from the nation's capital of Kiev and conducting  a freshwater fishery on the Dnieper River has been put up for sale to interested investors with a view to make better profits out of the existing solvent business, reports  with reference to the company.

Below follows the Description of the Project as provided by the selling interests.

1.         The Evaluation of the macro location.

The property offered for sale is situated in Cherkassy Region, Cherkassy District, Ukraine. This region is considered being profitable from the point of view of the investment into the real estate.

2.         The evaluation of the micro location.

From the point of view of the micro location the property is situated in Cherkassy District, in the village of Lozivok. The distance from Cherkassy is 25 km. The distance from Kiev is 159 km by the highway Cherkassy-Kiev. The distance is 22 km by water from the city of Cherkassy.

The advantages of this plot of land include:

  • An asphalt-paved approach to the very plot.
  • Electric power supply on the property: 3 substations for 40, 20 and 18 kilowatts
  • The territory is fenced around. 9 fundamental buildings and 2 observation towers are located on this territory. There are also 2 pumping stations for filling the lakes with water from the canal which borders upon this property and is divided by the dire. The canal has a direct access to the Dnieper River and can provide an approach for small yachts and cutters.
  • The territory of the property has a hard surface.
  • The area of the water surface can be regulated by the drain or the pumping of water.
  • The total land area is 1066 hectares. The soil is not suitable for cultivation. The dry land occupies approximately 450 hectares and the rest is taken by the water surface.

To the disadvantages of this plot of land:

  • No natural gas line connection (the nearest point is 2 km away).

The Structure of the Project

1.         The description of the plot of land.

This plot is the property of the joint-stock company "Vilshanka" according to a State Act for  Permanent Use. It is a plot of land with a water surface. The soil is sandy, the shores of the reservoir are partially strengthened with rocks.

2.         Possibility of alienation.

This plot is sold in the form of selling of the shares of the joint-stock company "Vilshanka".

3.         The selling arrangement:

The selling of 582231 simple inscribed stocks which make 82% of the stocks in the fixed capital of the company.

4.         The cost

The total cost of the shareholding is USD 5 million (open to bargaining).

5.         Particular conditions:

The company is functioning and profitable carrying out farming and lake fishery. At present the total amount of fish in the lakes is approximately 500 metric tons. The company has a farming license till 2014 and fishing quotas in the Dnieper River.

The company has the necessary technical equipment both for the farming and capture in the lake as well as for the commercial fishery in the Dnieper River.

More information from:  Anatoly Maximenko,

e-mail: , tel: +380939104444;  +380674219500.

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