Two Saint-Petersburg investors commissioning trout farms

May 23, 2008 16:01
Two Saint-Petersburg-based investors - OOO "Aqualine" and "Seversplav" - are shortly commissioning farms specializing in market-size trout farming in Podporozhskiy district. The total annual output accounts to 270 tonnes.

The first project is carried out by OOO "Ryby" (Fishes), established by Seversplav Company specializing in nonferrous scrap processing, according to Delovoi Peterburg.

The initial investment totaled 11 million RUB. The total project cost is expected to be about 1 million USD.

The projected capacity of OOO "Ryby" amounts to 130 tonnes of fish in a year. It will be sold in Leningrad Oblast surrounding Saint Petersburg, first of all in Podporozhskiy and Lodeynopolkiy districts.

The second project belongs to OOO "Pastorskiy Ruchei", which is part of Aqualine Group of companies (specializes in bottled water production). The project cost will be also 1 million USD; the projected capacity is 140 tonnes a year. The farm will be put into operation during the summer 2008. The products will be also sold in Leningrad Oblast.

According to the general manager of OOO "Rybstandard", the production of market-size fish, especially trout, is becoming more profitable. The annual demand is growing by 20-30%. Besides in the Russian Federation as in all over the world, the fish catches are decreasing and the sales of farmed fish are increasing. In Europe the sales volume of farmed fish contributes 60% to the total, in Russia - only 5%.

Now in Leningrad Oblast surrounding Saint Petersburg there are 26 fish farming operations specializing in trout. In 2007 the total production was 2,600 tonnes of fish.

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