Two large Ukrainian companies merged

March 11, 2009 16:40

Two large Ukrainian importers Interrybtorg and Scandinavia have merged into one holding under the respective decision of their owner Forum Bank, reports ( with reference to the new company's press-release.

Before the merge, Scandinavia has been majoring in pelagic, while Interrybtorg has been engaged in sales of delicatessen and table fish and the new holding called Scandinavia will also have the respective two departments. As another step of the merger's development, the owners think of purchasing other fish businesses which have grown cheaper during the crisis.

The holding will continue the project on construction of a new production and logistics centre in Kiev province.

The current and future activities of Scandinavia holding have been backed by Ukraine's leading banks such as PUMB, Forum-Commerce Bank and Zlato Bank.

New heads

Dmitry Fartushnyi has been appointed the holding's CEO as of 1 February 2009. The departments will be headed by Alexander Vasilenko (pelagic sales) Marina Pazyuk (delicatessen and table fish sales).

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