TURNIF Fishery Factory expands export business

December 5, 2007 15:57

Value added processing TURNIF Fishery Factory Co., Ltd is expanding its export business and it has already secured strong positions in such markets as UK, Spain and Germany.

TURNIF Fishery Factory Co., Ltd, one the largest enterprises of the Russian Far East majoring in value-added processing was built on the basis of a large fish processing plant in 2003.

The company has completely modernized the plant's production facilities and the management system. More specifically, now TURNIF Fishery Factory is fitted with state-of-the-art German fish processing equipment.

The production cycle is organized in compliance with the HACCP quality assurance system and the plant has got an EU approval number 51H giving it the right to export its products to the EU member states. TURNIF Fishery Factory successfully exports its product range to the UK, Spain and Germany.

Modern production technologies applied in TURNIF meet the most stringent quality standards thus beyond doubt satisfying the expectations of the most demanding consumers.

The factory's product range has been continuously expanding taking into account new technologies and consumer preferences for various special-cut frozen fish items, fillets and portions, mince-based convenience products, etc.

The factory processes only high quality Russian fish harvested in the ecologically clean waters of the Pacific Ocean. More specifically, the plant processes salmon, Alaska pollock, cod and halibut. All the raw fish used is natural with no phosphates and GMP added.

Among the region's processors TURNIF Fishery Factory is the only producer running own laboratory to control quality of final products, raw fish and auxiliary food materials.

The factory features high quality of its products, up-to-date production technologies as well as established sales and careful cold storage.

TURNIF's products have been awarded many diplomas and medals for their high quality.

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TURNIF Fishery Factory Co., Ltd; tel.: +7 4232 434023, fax: +7 4232 434021, 400814, mob: +7 914 7065858; e-mails: market@east-fishery.com, office_td@east-fishery.comhttp://www.east-fishery.ru/

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