Tuna Companies Join Push to Promote Sustainable Fisheries Management

June 9, 2010 16:58

Nations charged with protecting the world's tuna fisheries find a growing number of companies joining with scientists and WWF, the world's leading conservation organization, in calling for improved science-based management and conservation, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to ISSF.

"Having the participation of industry is integral to changing the way fisheries are managed and conserved," said International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) President Susan Jackson. "In less than 6 months we've welcomed 4 new partners, which has an immediate impact on our ability to facilitate change."

Two new Spain-based processors added their names to the roster of well-recognized brands supporting ISSF. Conservas Garavilla, S.A. and Jealsa Rianxeira S. A. both successfully completed an independent audit to ensure compliance with existing ISSF conservation measures and standards, bringing the number of ISSF Participating Companies to 12.

"ISSF is committed to making the regional fisheries management system work by advocating for nations to follow the scientific advice provided to them, facilitating new science where it's needed and taking direct action when it can make a difference," Jackson added. "Today, with the addition of these participating companies, we're in an even stronger position to put our approach to work for tuna fisheries."

Conservas Garavilla, S.A. does business throughout Europe and Central and South America with its brand Isabel. Jealsa Rianxeira S. A. serves the European market under the brand names Soluco la Mer, Chancerelle Frères, Mare Aperto and Rianxeira.

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