Trout now farmed in Komi in the north of Russia

October 17, 2007 11:49

Pechora Agricultural Co-operative has started to culture trout in the Vad Lake in the Republic of Komi in the north of Russia, according to the firm's director Anatoly Mahu quoted by Komiinform.

The project has taken shape thanks to introduction of the national program on agriculture development providing for support of fish farming operations.

Scientists from the Republic's Institute of Biology have researched the Vad Lake which is some five kilometers away from the village of Ust-Ilych and prepared biological grounds for organization of a fish farm in the lake. Anatoly Mahu says that they have followed all the scientific recommendations.

The co-operative has rented the lake owned by the Republic for a trial period of five years. Substantial support to the farmers has been given by Komi's Ministry of Agriculture and the support may be even larger if the farm purchases fish processing equipment. Under the program for supporting agricultural businesses the Republic compensates up to 50% of the costs of purchase of the equipment. Such equipment has not been yet purchased by the co-operative as they finance the project with their own funds and now they are waiting for a bank loan.

However, despite some problems connected with sourcing the necessary funds, construction in the lake has proceeded very quickly. Now, there is one cage of a 14-meter diameter and 5-meter depth installed in the lake. In the end of September-early October 2007 trout fry was stocked into the cage. The first harvest is expected to appear in retail in the coming year 2008.

According to the co-operative's director, the fish farm in the Vad Lake is the first farm in the republic which has been organized in a stagnant lake.

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