Trans-Ocean Products, Inc. Achieves Accaimed BRC Global Standard for Food Safety with Distinction

September 1, 2010 16:00

Trans-Ocean Products, Inc., the US leading processor of surimi seafoods, announces that the company has achieved the acclaimed BRC Global Standard for Food Safety which is regarded as the benchmark for best manufacturing practices in the food industry. Trans-Ocean's facility, which is located on West Orchard Drive in Bellingham, recently passed a BRC Accreditation audit, receiving a grade "A" certificate, the highest possible rating. As a supplier to many of the country's largest food retailers, Trans-Ocean sought the BRC Certification as confirmation of its extensive food safety and quality efforts, reports with reference to Trans-Ocean Products, Inc.

The BRC, which stands for British Retail Consortium, established its Global Standard for Food Safety based on the standards set forth in the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) that is accepted by Wal-Mart, Ahold, Delhaize and other leading retailers in the U.K. and U.S.A. BRC Standards provide a measure by which food manufacturers and suppliers can demonstrate to current and potential customers a commitment to food safety and quality. To achieve its "A" rating, Trans-Ocean met rigorous requirements for safety management systems, including procedures relating to the safe handling and labeling of allergens in its facility.

"Achieving grade "A" BRC Global Standard for Food Safety was a total team effort by our outstanding staff at Trans-Ocean," commented David Green, Vice President of Operations at the company. We are extremely proud to be considered a 'world class operation' by the BRC auditors."

Trans-Ocean operates a 45,000 square foot facility dedicated to the processing of surimi seafoods, better known to the public as "imitation crabmeat" or "crab flavored seafood." The manufacturing process combines frozen blocks of minced Alaskan whitefish with other ingredients to create a finished product that is low in fat, heart healthy and similar to real crab and lobster meat in taste and appearance. Trans-Ocean employs 225 at its Bellingham plant and corporate office.

Founded in 1985, Trans-Ocean produces Crab Classic, the best selling brand of surimi seafood in the U.S. Crab Classic is the only surimi seafood brand that is fortified with beneficial omega-3 fatty acids as well as being certified as heart healthy by the American Heart Association. The vertically integrated company is a subsidiary of Tokyo, Japan-based Maruha-Nichiro which also owns three surimi block plants in Alaska and two floating-processor ships.

For more information, please contact Trans-Ocean Products, Inc. at 350 West Orchard Street, Bellingham, WA 98225, 360-671-6886 or

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