April 21, 2010 14:22

Seattle-based Trace Register, LLC, and Honolulu-based Norpac Fisheries Export, the export arm of one of the world's most environmentally conscious Bigeye Ahi longline fishing fleets, have signed a deal to use the Trace Register® system to verify the vessel and origin of several commercially caught pelagic-ocean-dwelling-species from the Western Pacific. The species include Bigeye Ahi (tuna), Opah, Monchong, and others that are sold under the Norpac label, "Hawaiian Select", reports with reference to Norpac Fisheries Export. 

Trace Register Vice President Andy Furner said both companies recognize the importance of using electronic chain traceability as a tool to validate the legality of the fish. "In an era of illegal, unreported, and unregulated-IUU--fishing, buyers and environmental groups have become increasingly concerned about finding ways to end the piracy of the common resource," Furner said. "Trace Register offers such a system-and we congratulate Norpac on taking the lead in this arena."

Thomas Kraft of Norpac Fisheries Export said, "We are proud to have developed and implemented a robust traceability platform that has been in place since 2004, and to now be participating with Trace Register to promote sustainable harvest practices and good environmental stewardship." He pointed out that Norpac uses Circle Hooks, Bird Scare lines, Deep Set Fishing Technology and "Best Practices" as an "integral part of our philosophy regarding corporate responsibility within the communities we serve and the ocean environment from which we harvest."

Norpac joins early adopters such as Trident Seafoods, Kwik'pak Fisheries, and the Aquaculture Certification Council in providing leading retailers, global seafood processors, marketers, certifiers, and restaurant operators the electronic chain traceability to support environmental sustainability programs.

Trace Register has grown more than 350 percent in the past year, Furner said, largely because many organizations now recognize that having traceability in place helps protect them against many risks, including being in violation of international and U.S. fishery law.

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