Tips for “fish international” 2010

February 17, 2010 15:39

The main focus of the 12th fish international is on the topic of sustainability. The trade fair takes place in Halls 5, 6 and 7 of the Bremen Exhibition Centre from Sunday 21 February to Tuesday 23 February 2010, reports with reference to official press-release.

To make your work a bit easier we are drawing your attention to several topics which we have put together as our tips for you at the fair. Products:

  • Asian redtail catfish is a delicacy that is still unknown in Germany. The fine tasting freshwater fish grows in the pure mountain rivers of Vietnam. It is thus free from artificial additives and has a unique flavour. You can make its acquaintance at F.L. Bodes, Stand 5 H-38.

  • Every vote counts! Grossmann Feinkost invites you to cast your vote at Stand 5 H-50 for DREWS People's Fish Poll. Participants assess five new products that are ready for launching and can win a ticket for a musical and an overnight stay in Hamburg: ‘Hangover' Rollmops with Chili und Pepperoni, hand-made Mini Herring Balls, Farmer's Herring Fillets, Gambas with Sea Asparagus in Rosemary Oil, and Matje Herring Fillets with Piri Piri. Which products are actually launched will depend on the results of the poll.

  • Unique: At Stand 5 D-04 "Die Räucherei" is exhibiting "Confierte Garnelen": for this process the shrimps are cooked very slowly at a low temperature. "Die Räucherei" then adds high-quality oils and spices such as vanilla or ginger to achieve their aromatic specialities. The smokehouse's product range also includes fish dainties based on unusual combinations such as halibut with honey and almonds or wild salmon with spring flowers.

  • A fully mobile and transportable fish department is on display at the Special Show of the Fish Retail Trade in Hall 5. It can be moved as required complete with its worktables for use in other locations. Another highlight in the Special Show's 600 square- metre area: mobile counters that can be filled directly in the cold store and subsequently connected to the cooling unit in the sales area. This saves time and keeps the fish fresh for a long time. The fish and seafood in the display counters at the Special Show at "fish international" come from producers such as Grossmann Feinkost, "Die Räucherei", or Edeka.

  • Taste Poland! Under the umbrella of the Polish "Fish Market Development Association" several companies from Poland are presenting their products at Stand 5 J-23 - from hand peeled brown shrimps from the North Sea to herring rolls in cinnamon and grape sauce. The producers invite guests to taste these products in the B2B Lounge, Hall 6.
Sunday 21.02, 13.30-14.30h; Monday 22.02., 13.00-14.00h
  • Caught using traditional line fishing, then bled and immediately bedded on ice, the high-quality tuna that Lee Fish Europe AG (Stand 5 E-27) sells has been certified by the organisation Friends of the Sea. In addition to yellowfin tuna from the Philippines and the Maldives the company is also bringing Australian kingfish to Bremen.

  • Stand 6 A-33 is the right place for people who like it thin: The company Intersmoked SL from Spain is displaying fish carpaccio. The range includes octopus, tuna, cod, swordfish and salmon carpaccio. Other products on show are fish tartar from cod, swordfish, tuna and salmon.

  • fresh, tasty, attractive, exclusive - those are the four pillars upon which "FLAEX-Vision 2010", the new product concept from Werner Lauenroth Fischfeinkost GmbH, is based. All ingredients are fresh and come solely from controlled and certified raw materials so there are no mass products in the range. More information available at Stand 5 H-39.

  • The tuna from Sri Lanka that the Seychelles Seafood Trading GmbH is presenting at Stand 5 J-50 was smoked on cinnamon wood. This gives it a very unique flavour. The company is also displaying smoked sailfish from the Seychelles and tuna that is still caught carefully the traditional way with short lines from small boats.

  • Fish consumption with a sense of responsibility: At Stand 6 A-26 TransGourmet Seafood, a subsidiary of REWE Großverbraucher-Service GmbH, is presenting two new self-service fish concepts which consist solely of products from sustainable fisheries and resource-saving aquaculture. A quality and sustainability seal was specially developed for the concept and an authorized quality laboratory tests the production conditions, product quality and defined sustainability criteria of the products. A maximum of information on the products' sustainability is provided for the consumer on the packaging.

  • You eat with your eyes! The French producer Tournus Equipment is presenting refrigerated counters that meet the requirements of modern fish retailing. To enable visitors to judge their overall effect Fisch Stuch GmbH is offering its fish in these counters. It comes from a sustainable line fishery that operates from Norwegian day fishing boats - and depending on the day's catch it can include loach, pollack, haddock, anglerfish, cod and redfish. On display at Stand 5 F-19.

  • The Federal Ministry for Industry and Technology has started a support programme with the aim of helping young innovative companies to participate in leading international trade fairs in Germany. fish international is among the events chosen for the programme. The following companies are in Bremen: Garnelenhof Schäfer GmbH & Co, producer of shrimps in recirculation systems (Stand 6 B-17), Q-Bioanalytic GmbH, laboratory for microbiological food testing (Stand 6 C-12), Sequid GmbH, producer of devices for measuring product freshness and instruments for quality assurance (Stand 6 B-11), "IQ - Intelligente Qualitätssicherung", quality assurance consultant (Stand 6 C-10), "Messmann Kühlfahrzeuge", vehicle fitter (Stand 6 C-18), and Veracus GmbH, developer and producer of feeds and feed supplements (Stand 6 B-19).

Equipment and technology:
  • Bizerba GmbH & Co. KG is exhibiting scales with an interactive fishing ground chart at Stand 5 D-04. The weighing system has computer-controlled access to a database in the fisheries portal, enabling the salesperson to give the customer information on the fishing ground and stocks of the desired fish - which means the consumer can enjoy fish with a clear conscience.

  • The focus in the "Food Quality and Safety Area" in Hall 6 is on food safety and quality management. For the first time there is a display of technologies which make quality management easier. Scientists, laboratories, certification agencies, consultants and producers from the food safety sector demonstrate how quality management and product safety can be achieved profitably with fish as a highly sensitive live food.
The forum "Sustainability and proactive risk management in the fish industry - Paths to effective food safety" also deals with quality assurance. Here DNV certifiers and environmental verifiers will join in discussion with industry experts. Monday 22.02., 10.00h, Forum in Hall 5
  • Hands off fish! This doesn't apply of course when eating fish, but during its production, which should fulfil maximum hygiene standards. During the production of breaded fish fillets, for example, this was a requirement that was previously hard to meet. The "Bernoulli" gripper now offers a new solution. By creating a vacuum it can pick up breaded products, too, using suction and place them in the packaging, so they no longer have to be packed by hand. Visitors can learn all about this novelty at the "Robotik Pack Line", a fully automatic production line which 16 companies have set up at Stand 7 A-19.
Also on display at the stand is the new cleaning robot Cleenius from Jürgen Löhrke GmbH. It cleans and disinfects machinery fully automatically and independently, enabling cost, time and resource savings.
  • Quality assurance: Fish can be tested for toxins using analysis devices from Omnilab-Laborzentrum GmbH + Co. KG. These instruments can also be used for determining fat content and nitrogen content of fish. They can be tried out at Stand 6 B-02.

  • A new technology for measuring the quality of fish and shrimps can be tried out at a Sequid GmbH workshop. For example, their high-frequency measuring instrument determines the water content and freshness of products within just a few seconds and can be operated easily by buyers and traders. They thus save the expensive visit to the laboratory and the consumers get exact information on product quality and content. Stand 6 B-11

  • Hands-on technology from Salmco Technik GmbH and 21 partners at Stand 7 C-19: The companies have set up a walk-in production line which enables viewers to experience the whole production process of a smokehouse from incoming raw materials, through filleting, to final product inspection.

Industry Oscar:
  • Fischmagazin will award the "Seafood Star" for the third time to fish retailers who are active in the market and stand out for their sales facilities or specialities. The jury will be looking for commitment and exceptional "fish" ideas. Sunday 21.02., 12.30h, Forum in Hall 5

Should you have any questions or require additional information, contacts or photo material you will find us at the show in the Press Office in Hall 6. Here you will also have the opportunity to carry out interviews or partake in background talk, write notes, send e-mails or simply take a short break for a cup of coffee. You can also contact us by phoning +49 (0)421 3505-447 or by sending an e-mail to We wish you a stimulating event with some good conversations! Best regards, Sabine Trenkler WFB Bremen Economic Development Corp.
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