Tips for fish international 2008

January 24, 2008 15:49

Dear Colleagues,

In its eleventh edition fish international 2008 can again boast a large number of interesting topics... guaranteed by about 400 exhibitors from 40 different countries and an exciting programme in which star chefs will present sophisticated recipes, for example, or forums on current topics in which experts from the industry will report on new trends and products for handing on to producers and processors. We have put together some tips for you from the extensive range of topics that the fair has to offer.

The eleventh trade fair for fish and seafood will be opened on Sunday 10 February 2008 at 11h by the Parliamentary Secretary of the Federal Ministry for Nutrition, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Ursula Heinen, Bremen's Senator for Industry and Ports, Ralf Nagel, and Hans Peter Schneider, the Managing Director of fair organisers MGH Messe- und Ausstellungsgesellschaft Hansa GmbH.

We would like to invite you to a press conference to be held at the forum in Hall 5 on Monday 11 February at 11h. There you will be able to talk to members of the industry, among them: Andreas Kremer (Head of Corporate Communication at "Deutsche See"), Jürgen Bergmann (Marketing Manager, Stöver Frischdienst), Dr Christopher Zimmermann (Federal Research Institute for Fisheries), Marnie Bammert (Communications Officer, Marine Stewardship Council), Dr Matthias Keller (Managing Director of the Fish Information Centre), and Lars Bank (Communication Manager, Metro Cash & Carry Deutschland).

Our tips for you:

  • The latest trends in the aquaculture sector - such as technology for closed recirculation systems - are a major topic at the trade fair. IMARE, the Institute for Marine Resources in Bremerhaven, for example, is displaying the prototype of a floating recirculation system which is at present in operation in the Müritz region in Germany. At the forum "The Prospects for Recirculation Technology" Dr Adrian Bischoff, a scientific associate at IMARE, will give a talk on the topic "Outlook - Based on today's perspective, which species will be produced successfully in 2012?" on Sunday 10 February at 14h. IMARE, Hall 4, Stand A-35 / Lecture, Aquaculture Forum, Hall 6.
  • A lecture by Dr Johannes Heeb looks at a fish farm which is operated in a hothouse together with the production of tropical fruits and whose waste heat is furthermore used for a Swiss gas compression station. This talk, with the title "SustainAqua - The Tropenhuis Schweiz as a partner to the grocery trade" is also to be held on Sunday at the Aquaculture Forum, Hall 6
  • The sensory analysis laboratory of the Technology Transfer Centre (ttz) in Bremerhaven invites interested visitors to a special consumer test in Hall 6 on Sunday 10 February. Participants in the Aquaculture Forum are to test whether differences exist between fishes from classic farming and fishes from recirculation systems and, if they do, what are they? The tests will be performed on European catfish and will be based on criteria such as smell, taste, mouthfeel and after-taste. Aquaculture Forum, Hall 6
  • In Hall 4 a processing and packaging line demonstrates a complete work process based on new technical innovations from the slaughtered trout to filleting, trimming and packaging . Multivac and Partners, Hall 4, Stand A-29
  • The Frozen Fish Forum looks at successful concepts in the out-of-home market. Whether it is possible to optimise both guest satisfaction and operating results through innovative concepts will be the topic of discussion among a circle of caterers and experts from the restaurant, systemised catering and community catering sectors on Monday 11 February from 11 to 12.00h. Ctefan Wohlfeil, the President of the Association of German Cooks, and Peter Sikorra, Executive Chef at the Hotel Grand Elysée, Hamburg are on the panel. Frozen Fish Forum, Hall 6
  • "Fresh ideas in the net" is the motto under which the Catering Forum will present an exclusive reader survey on trends in community catering. The results of the survey led to the first publication of data and facts on the use of fish in the catering sector. Specialists and executive staff from the catering sector, such as Christoph Wörner, Head of the Central Buying Department at Aramark, talk about the role of fish and seafood in community catering. Forum, Hall 6
  • At the Aquaculture Forum fish suppliers will talk about "Fish Supply Tomorrow" on Sunday at 11h. New fish species will be one of the topics on the agenda here. A qualified saleswoman from a fish counter in the grocery sector will report on what customers ask for when they are shopping and how new species sell best. Forum, Hall 6
  • On Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 February the East-West Forum focuses on the topics catering, retailing and processing. The Polish catering and grocery sector and its market and sales structures will be the main topic on Monday from 12 to 15h. Exporters who are interested in supplying to Germany can obtain information on the requirements and distribution channels of the German market. Tuesday, from 11.30 to 15h, will be devoted to processing. The focus here will be on the latest developments in the packaging sector and the processing of convenience products. Ost-West Forum, Hall 5
  • Gourmet fans can experience star and TV chef Kolja Kleeberg live at Kulinarium. Another interesting guest in this section is Thomas Ruhl, the author and publisher of the culinary work "Port Culinaire". Ruhl received the highest award for the "Best Fish and Seafood Book" in the world at the "International Gourmand Media Award" in Malaysia in 2007. Together with star cooks he will present some new dishes at the fair. The focus is on molluscs and crustaceans. Sommeliers will also be present to provide information on which wine tastes best with which fish. Kulinarium, Hall 6, Stand A-54
  • INFOFISH is co-ordinating a project in which companies from Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia are taking part. The objective is to promote ecological aquaculture in these countries. Altogether 12 companies from the named countries, among them producers and processors, are presenting their products at fish international 2008, e.g. black tiger shrimp, freshwater shrimp and tilapia. Hall 5, Stand D-10
  • MSC certification as proof of origin of fish is currently under discussion in all branches of the fish industry. At fish international fair visitors have the opportunity to gain information at the stand of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), for example on which criteria have to be fulfilled to obtain the aspired certificate. Rupert Howes, the Chief Executive of MSC, will give a talk on Monday 11 February between 15 and 17h on "Sustainability determines product ranges" in which he will talk about buying sustainable fish. Sustainable fishing is also a topic at the meeting of the trade association "Der Fischfachhandel" in the Federal Association of the German Food Retail Trade (BVL) in the Forum in Hall 5 on Sunday as from 14h. The title of this session is "Changing markets - Chances for the fish trade", MSC, Hall 5, Stand D-26, Lecture, Grocery Forum, Hall 6
  • About 100 fish and seafood species from the world's oceans, rivers and lakes can be admired on a six metre long bed of ice set up for the trade fair by the Fish Information Centre (FIZ). The rich variety covers everything from croakers, barracudas and rosefish to Atlantic sailfish, spider crabs, prawns, mussels and shrimps plus exotic species such as cobia, mahi-mahi and hirame. FIZ, Hall 5, Stand C-07
  • How do Germany and Iceland address the Challenges of the Fish Industry and what are their visions? What about consolidation within the seafood industry? On the occasion of the trade fair the Icelandic Embassy, Glitnir Bank, AHK Island and fish international invite interested participants to a conference at the Bremen Exhibition Centre on Tuesday 12 February, starting at 10h. The Icelandic Minister of Fisheries, Einar K. Gudfinnsson, and other prominent representatives of the Icelandic and German fish industries will be taking part in the conference. Hall 7, VIP Lounge
  • And the winner is ....: The "Seafood-Star" will be awarded for the first time at fish international 2008 on Sunday 10 February at 13h. An expert jury will make the award to the best sales concept in the grocery, fishmonger and mobile shops sectors. Forum, Hall 5

Should you have any further questions or require additional information, contacts or photo material you will find us in the Press Office in Hall 5 of the show.

Here you will also have the opportunity to carry out interviews or partake in background talk, write notes, send e-mails or simply take a break for a cup of coffee. You can also contact us by phoning +49 (0)421 / 3505-447 or by sending a short e-mail to .

We wish you an exciting trade fair with some interesting discussions!

Best regards,

Jutta Never

MGH Messe und Ausstellungsgesellschaft Hansa GmbH; Press Office

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