Therney’s Icelandic filleting machine

May 12, 2010 16:19

A new Icelandic-made filleting machine made by Vélfag ehf in Olafsfjoerdur has been fitted on board factory trawler Therney. The M700 filleting machine is made to process roundfish and this type has attracted a lot of attention after several have already been fitted on board freezer trawlers and one has also produced some excellent results at Samherji's factory in Dalvík, reports with reference to HB Grandi.

‘The decision was taken to fit a new filleting machine at the end of last year, but as the supplier has been so busy, this was not delivered until April. The installation was carried out in Reykjavik by staff from Micro, who did a fine job,' said HB Grandi's quality control manager Steindor Sverrison.

He commented that it was high time to replace Therney's old filleting machine that had suffered extensive corrosion, although the alternative was to embark on expensive repairs to the old machine.

‘As there have been some excellent reports of the Vélfag machine, we decided to buy a new one. The prototype was presented about three years ago and this is made in stainless steel and plastic, so it is highly suitable for a factory deck. This machine also compares favourably to other filleting machines. The construction is straightforward, it's easy to use and low-maintenance, as well as having a high production and usage rates. It doesn't do any harm that this machine is made in Iceland and also the price is good compared to imported machines,' Steindór Sverrison said.

He said that Vélfag is now developing a skinning machine that can be linked to the M700 filleting machine later this year. The company also supplies a heading machine that has performed well and Steindór Sverrison said that HB Grandi is also interested in investing in one of these.

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