The Tassal Salmon Shop, a salmon cooking experience unlike any other

June 7, 2010 08:57

Discover a unique salmon experience just minutes from Kew junction in Melbourne, reports with reference to Tassal.

Tassal, Tasmania's largest salmon company, are opening The Salmon Shop in Kew, complete with world class presentation kitchen, gourmet salmon shop and cafe.

With a line up of visiting chefs, the presentation kitchen is quickly transformed to a meeting place for foodies and high calibre chefs, or even simply cooking area for school, corporate and community groups. The hands on cooking sessions will present a range of cuisines, cooking salmon from a beginner to advanced level.

You will be amazed by the educational area where you can explore everything there is to know about salmon, complete with interactive floor and touch screen.

The delicatessen shopping area will offer a diverse range of salmon and cooking products, supported by friendly staff with superior cooking knowledge.

To complete your salmon experience, indulge in some fresh Tasmanian salmon in the cafe, direct from the pure waters of Tasmanian. Choose from an a-la-carte breakfast and lunch menu, or even catch a cooking presentation from one of our guest chefs.

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