The new FAS Sprint Revolution – Transforming food packaging flexibility, performance and productivity

April 11, 2011 14:36

During the European Seafood Exposition, Automated Packaging Systems will present for the first time in Belgium a new, innovative bagging system for the packaging of a variety of different food products. The FAS SPrint Revolution bagging machine is able to achieve speeds of up to 22 metres per minute and holds up to 6.8kg per bag. The system can operate either fully automatically or semi‐automatically, reports with reference to ESE.

The new food bagging system allies speed and flexibility and is the ideal tool for applications requiring fast and frequent changeovers of bag sizes. The system is able to bag frozen and IQF products, meat and meat by‐products, fresh produce, fresh and dried pastas and fresh and frozen snack foods.

Automated Packaging Systems' bag manufacturing facility is BRC certified. The SidePouch® bags for the new FAS SPrint Revolution are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. The bags can be personalized in up to 7 colours with high‐resolution graphics, text and bar codes for unique, attractive packaging.

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