The latest in salmon processing from Marel at Seafood Processing Europe

April 13, 2010 12:28

As the leading provider of equipment for modern salmon processing, Marel works hand-in-hand with processors to respond to the global rise in demand for salmon. At this year's Seafood Processing Europe exhibition, we will be conducting live demonstrations of some of our industry-leading salmon processing equipment at Stand 6227, Hall 4, reports with reference to Marel.

Filleting and pinboning: We will demonstrate our latest filleting equipment, along with the Carnitech Vacuum Pinbone Remover, which removes both bones and surplus water from the fillets, ensuring a high level of hygiene and maximum yield. You can choose an optional extra set of heads, designed to remove the difficult bones in the neck part of the fish.

Intelligent portioning and tray loading: Visitors will see our advanced concept for intelligent portioning and automatic loading of pre-defined fixed-weight batches into trays. A high-speed precision portion cutter controls the entire line by scanning the portions and determining where the cuts should be made. Human handling is reduced and the concept allows for a unique presentation of each batch in the tray.

Fixed-weight slicer: You will be amazed by the speed, precision and handling of our remarkable new fixed-weight salmon slicer, the GEBA SC125V, which produces high quality slices and portions of identical weight. A revolutionary new synchronised cutting principle increases the number of usable slices and reduces giveaway, resulting in a 10-20% increase in utilization of the fillets. The fixed weight is achieved by using a weighing and laser vision technique that measures the volume, size and weight of the fillet. The computer then calculates the cutting profile to meet the defined specifications.

D-cut slicer:  We will also demonstrate the GEBA SC 250 D-cut slicer, the fastest slicer for fresh smoked salmon on the market, capable of making 250 high quality slices per minute. 

Retail pack slicer: A new edition of the popular IPS 3000 slicer will be on display at the booth, with several new and improved features, including a new user interface that simplifies all operations.

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