The fishery of Primorye is taking turns

February 6, 2008 13:22

The fishermen of Primorye have caught 676,3 thousand tones of water bio resources. The tax comings from fishery enterprises to the regional and consolidated budget of the region have accordingly increased. More than 3 billion roubles were transferred for this time. Most of them are the pay for water bio resources usage.

An output for a sum of 17,5 billion roubles was made for a year. The growth made 6 percent compared to the last year's level. The production of the fish products also increased. This state of affairs is first of all conditioned by the attention of the president of RF and Government of RF.
A complex of measures directed on the effective decision of the main issues of fishery is continued to be done.

This will help to achieve the stable work of fishery complex and to provide the social and economic development of the regions. And above all the market will be filled with fish products of domestic production with acceptable price and assortment variety.

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