The course of the fisheries as per 28th of February

March 1, 2011 11:38

Good catches for capelin off the Finnmark coast - first catches of herring in Rogaland, reports with reference to Norges Sildesalgslag.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Just a few vessels were active and combined with harsh weather, just 5.300 MT were reported last week. This is an extraordinary low quantity at this part of year. The catching has mainly taken place off the coast of Sogn and Møre. One catch was taken close to Træna by the beginning of the week, and on Sunday the first catch from Rogaland was reported.
As usual the size varies; from 310 g at the best to 210 g. The prices are fairly good despite the fact the herring has been spawning and fat content is getting low. Best price; NOK 4,97 - and in the lower end just above NOK 3 for penned-in fish. Following the first catch reported from Rogaland, it is expected that the main activity for the herring will be in the Ryfylke fjords in weeks to come.

Also the capelin catching has been hampered by bad weather. Though the vessels for several days were at the quay side, 42.000 MT were registered last week. Of this total volume 19.500 MT were reported on Sunday alone, making it the highest volume for 24 hrs. so far this season.
The capelin has reached the coast of eastern Finnmark in huges quantities, and the challenge is to spot a suitable quantity to haul. The roe maturity is developing very fast and the grade of 18 % has been reported already. By observing optimal maturity the buyers for capelin for consumption purposes are ready, and the productions for the Japanese market starts. Now some 50 % of the catches are produced for consumption.
Price varies from NOK 2,03 to 2,85 (consumption). For reduction purposes the price is NOK 1,90 by "northern" deliveries and NOK 2,50 for vessels delivering in the south. Average price for consumption; NOK 2,39 and for meal&oil; NOK 2,31. So far 125.000 MT are caught of this year's quota of 275.000 MT. 95.000 MT are sold for reduction.
For capelin high activity is expected this forth coming week.

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